January/February 2002

Another world is possible
NI (No.342)


9 THE STARTING-POINT - The altered landscape
The fractured violence of the post-11 September world makes it all the more necessary to chart new paths into a better future, argues Jordi Pigem.

12 GLOBAL DEMOCRACY - A parliament for the planet
Globalization without representation? George Monbiot demands a real voice for the world's people.

15 CULTURE - Unchanging captive hearts
Beyond the global monoculture, Jeremy Seabrook celebrates alternative ways of being embodied in diverse local cultures.

18 The right to rave
Eduardo Galeano claims our right to dream, to dance, to demand the impossible.

20 ENVIRONMENT - Going down in history
Global warming is sinking the island state of Tuvalu. But the concept of 'ecological debt' could yet bring the rest of earth back from the brink, as Andrew Simms explains.

22 RELIGION - Time for renaissance
Tehmina Durrani has launched her own movement for Islamic renewal to reclaim her faith from the fundamentalists.

24 The impossible dream
1789 and 2001. They said could never be done. Dangerous demands from the French Revolution set against our own.

26 JUSTICE & SECURITY - Might or right
The world has to be able to intervene to stop genocide. But Peter Singer contends that we need a new rulebook - and new global institutions to write it.

28 MONEY - Heavy surf and tsunamis
Ellen Frank explains why even the globalizers may have an interest in financial reform, while Carolyne Culver puts the Tobin Tax on the table.

30 Give us your dreams
A selection of NI readers' own utopian visions.

32 FOOD & FARMING - The end of the styrofoam strawberry
The hungry will be fed not by ever-grander schemes, ever-bigger farms, but by smaller farms that are more in touch with the earth, believes Peter Rosset.

34 LOCAL RESISTANCE - Bringing it all back home
Jim Shultz hones some strategic tools we can use to fend off the free-trade agenda.

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2 Letters

4 Southern Exposure
Morning prayers in Iran, by local photographer Javad Montazeri.

5 View from the South
Meditations on The Couple - footsteps, kisses, bones and sins - by Eduardo Galeano.

6 Currents
Tobacco companies pull a fast one; Mozambique's swords into ploughshares; social innovation in response to Argentina's financial crisis.
PLUS: Word Corner - Holocaust.
PLUS: Big Bad World - Cartoon on the meaning of immorality.
PLUS: Seriously

36 Chronicle of the Year 2001
An alternative view of the year's events with special focus boxes on: African Union; 11 September; Afghanistan; Israel/Palestine; WTO; Asylum; and Alternative Nobel Prizewinners

44 Special Jumbo NI Crossword

45 Mixed Media

48 Country Profile - Romania

NI-Japan (No.30)


Anti-war! Anti-transnational corporation! Anti-road construction! Anti-globalization! There are many issues to be 'anti' about. But we should not be just opposing. What positive steps can we take on important issues, such as economy, environment, food and agriculture, justice and security? In this issue, NI-Japan introduces some people who have already taken the first steps and looks at some concrete projects here in Japan to make a better world.

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·Translation of "The altered landscape" (p9-11)

<Reporting from Japan>
The Citizen's Strategy for Creating a New World
After the 20th Century, 'the century of wars,' many approached 21st Century with hopes of peace. But the very first year brought a tragedy of violence, firstly in the from of terrorism and then a war of revenge. It seems the ideology and the actions of the state have not changed at all in the new century. So what should we do as citizens? Do we continue with previous tactics of trying to change governments and corporations by forcing them to recognize the weak in our society, or do we adopt an alternative strategy in order to create a new world?

This month, NI Japan looks at one attempt to build a new world from the bottom-up from citizens and communities themselves. The actions and thoughts of people who try to make changes within and immediately around themselves are bound to influence other communities and individuals who are looking for a vision for the future.

-The future starts with us. by Ohkouchi Hidehito

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Information of community banks and NPOs.

<Country Profile>
-Translation of "Country Profile - Romania" (p48)

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