March 2002

NI (No.343)


9 Rush to nowhere
It was speed that sank the Titanic and it's turbo-capitalism that's consuming the earth-fast. Richard Swift wants to slow down.

13 How corporations steal your time
What not to buy from the company store.

14 Boo to Captain Clock
Potentates and pencil-pushers try to regulate our time. Jay Griffiths celebrates the long history of subversion.

16 American karoshi
Matthew Reiss wonders why New Yorkers have borrowed from Tokyo the bright idea of working yourself to death.


20 Suffering and smiling
Dicing with death on the streets of Lagos, Nigeria, Ike Oguine observes a pitiless race that's run mostly at a standstill - in traffic jams.

22 The hurried child
The fastest you grow up, says Kathleen McDonnell, the more you have to leave behind.

24 Slow activism
Slow food, slow cities, less work... A guide to the practical possibilities.

26 Enclosing time
The anarchist who wanted to blow up Greenwich Mean Time may have been mad, but C Douglas Lummis thinks he was on to something.

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2 Letters

4 Southern Exposure
A Bangladeshi cowboy and his flute, by local photographer Mohammad Younus.

5 View from the South
Nigerian writer Ike Oguine argues that all African should oppose Robert Mugabe.

6 Currents
Hollow WTO agenda in Qatar; global citizens movement gathers in Porto Alegre; plight of Afghanis refugees in Australia.
PLUS: Word Corner - Quarantine
PLUS: Seriously

29 Worldbeaters
The spy who came in from the Cold War: Russian President Vladimir Putin.

30 Big Bad World
Field of nightmares, the latest b cartoon.
PLUS: NI Crossword

31 Mixed Media

34 Essay - The voice of the majority
If the poor had a voice would they demand more economic growth and free trade? Jeremy Seabrook thinks not.

36 Country Profile - Dominican Republic

NI-Japan (No.31)


The newest electronic gadget can be very tempting with its promises of taking us into a better, faster, more convenient world. But what are we sacrificing in this process of speeding up? How are we controlled by turbo-capitalism? And how can we break out of this speed cycle?

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·Translation of "Rush to nowhere" (p9-12)

<Reporting from Japan>
Time warp in Tokyo
Japan is the home of bullet trains, 'just in time' inventory control and 'karoshi'- not the sort of place you would expect to ever slow down. But even in Tokyo, there is a growing dissatisfaction with the sole identity of worker/consumer assigned by turbo-capitalism and people are coming up with alternatives. Maybe the first step is finding the time and space to rediscover the joys of communication, exchange and....just being human.

-A Saturday Afternoon at Cafe Slow. by Satomi Waka and Caitlin Stronell

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Information of cafe, NPOs and community money.

<Country Profile>
-Translation of "Country Profile - Dominican Republic" (p36)

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