June 2002

NI (No.346)


9 We all have AIDS
There are no more boundaries. AIDS is everywhere and no single nation can stop the spread of the virus on its own, argues Wayne Ellwood.

13 HIV/AIDS: a primer

14 'We are sick and suffering; we want you to accept us.'
Home-grown solutions from Uganda. By Daniel Kalinaki.

15 A tale of two funerals
Zarina Geloo laments the passing of friends in Zambia.

16 Cocktails and carnival
Brazil vs Big Pharma. Matthew Flynn sets the scene.

18 HIV/AIDS: the facts

20 State of siege
Male violence and discrimination against women are central to HIV transmission, according to Shereen Usdin.

22 Russian roulette
Olivia Ward reports from Moscow on the link between poverty and AIDS in post-communist Russia.

24 AIDS orphans
Children bereft by the HIV epidemic. A haunting photo essay from sub-Saharan Africa by Gideon Mendel.

26 HIV equity
Treating the poor in Haiti: if it can be done there, it can be done anywhere, argues Anne-Christine d'Adesky.

27 Aliens in Lucknow
Saleem Kidwai says gay AIDS educators in India face an uphill struggle.

28 Global AIDS action
Worldwide action and information.

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2 Letters

4 Southern Exposure
A window on childhood, photographed by Neo Ntsomal.

5 View from the South
Eternal questions from Eduardo Galeano in the latest instalment of his Windows series.

6 Currents
War on terror - or on human rights? A special international round-up on the post-9/11 climate of repression.
PLUS: Word Corner - Shanty.
PLUS: Seriously

29 Worldbeaters
The new saviour of Israel's religious right, Effie Eitam, is a man with a mission..

30Big Bad World
War criminal Gameshow - what will Sharon score?
PLUS: NI Prize Crossword

31 Mixed Media

34 Essay - Loving my land, dying inside
Human-rights lawyer Vannesa von Struensee investigates a mysterious murder in Ukraine.

36 Country Profile - Côte d'Ivoire.

NI-Japan (No.34)


AIDS is the cause of large scale social and economic disasters in many countries of Africa and is now threatening the populous nations of Asia. Riding on the back of poverty, ignorance and stigma, the virus just keeps spreading. This month NI introduces you to the people whose lives have been wrecked by this epidemic but also the people who are working to stop it.

<This month's main theme article>

·Translation of "We all have AIDS" (p9-12)

<Reporting from Japan>
HIV/AIDS in Japan

After pouncing on the AIDS issue in the late 1980s and the sensationalised articles that appeared one after the other, the Japanese mass media has been very quiet on the subject in recent years. So what is happening in Japan? The number of HIV positive people is very small compared to other countries in the world, but unlike other rich countries, this number is still growing. This month NI Japan looks at the situation in terms of data as well as the people who are working to reduce infection and also to reduce the discrimination that PWH/A (People with HIV/AIDS) in Japan are subject to-the same discrimination experienced by PWH/A around the world.

·HIV/AIDS in Japan (DATA)

·HIV/AIDS related public services in Japan

·Opening Closed Communities: Japanese PWH/As launch a new NGO to make their voices heard

·Thinking about the Importance of Life Amidst the Growing Rate of HIV infection in Youth

<Contact Points>
Counselling, support, advocacy, or education NGOs and telephone hotline services.

<Country Profile>
-Translation of "Country Profile - Côte d'Ivoire" (p36)

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