July 2002

Inside Business
Corporate Influence
NI (No.347)

9 It's democracy, stupid
Lots of people talk about corporate power, fewer can tell you how it actually works. Katharine Ainger sheds a little sunlight on the discussion.

11 A tale of two coups
What happens when a country offends transnationals? Greg Palast reveals the suppressed story of the military coup in Venezuela and compares it with the international financiers' coup in Argentina.

14 The naked lobbyist
Corporate Europe Observatory uncovers the mightiest business lobby groups you've never heard of.

16 For their eyes only
The confidential, corporate-friendly, free-trade agreement that deregulates democracy. Greg Palast has the documents.


20 Earth summit for sale
On the eve of the Earth Summit in Johannesburg, Katharine Ainger finds out how the UN learned to stop worrying and love big business; PLUS deconstructing corporate eco-speak, with help from Orwell.

23 Corpocrats
The rise of global managerial culture, by Andrew Simms.

24 A short history of corporations
A whirlwind ride from the East India Company to ExxonMobil, replete with monopolies, 19th-century free-trade bun fights and revolutions.

26 The big guns
Who is profiting from the 'war on terror'? Tim Shorrock investigates the Bush family's links with defence contractor the Carlyle Group.

28 Spanners in the works!
A four-step guide to jamming the corporate cog-wheels of power.

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2 Letters

4 Southern Exposure
Grassroots photos gathered by the TAFOS project in Peru.

5 View from the South
Urvashi Butalia expresses her despair over the mass killings in Gujarat, India.

6 Currents
Why facial-hair cream has become a lifesaver in Africa; Costa Rica's stand against the oil and mining industries; US attacks Israel boycotters; Oz aid to rich.
PLUS: Word Corner - Alcohol.
PLUS: Seriously

29 Worldbeaters
US Attorney General John Ashcroft thinks he is doing God's work - undoing decades of progress on civil liberties.

30 Mixed Media

32 Big Bad World
Polyp on cereal toys and global warming.
PLUS: NI Prize Crossword

33 Making Waves
The new NI interview section features feminist art guerrillas Mujeres Creando, from Bolivia.

34 Essay - Rouge superpower
David Ransom fears we may be sleepwalking towards nuclear war.

36 Country Profile - Sudan

NI-Japan (No.35)


Corporate Influence
The power of transnational corporations has reached into the furthest corners of the economy and political systems. Neither our national governments or even the United Nations has been able to escape from corporate influence. How do corporations wield this power and what are people doing to stop them?

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·Translation of "It's democracy, stupid" (p9-10)

·Translation of "Corporate Influence - The Fact" (p18-19)

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·Corporations and Us - the Johannesburg Earth Summit and Beyond

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Johannesburg Summit related website and information.

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