August 2002

Israel & Palestine
NI (No.348)


9 The occupation is killing us all
Richard Swift weighs up the claims and counterclaims and lays bare the core of contention in this seemingly endless conflict.

13 We refuse to be enemies
Palestinians and Israelis who have moved beyond hate.

14 Gone to soldiers
Generations of young Israelis are spending their adolescence policing the hostile occupation of Palestinian territory. Dan Bar-On measures the psychological cost.

16 Towards a democratic Palestine
An interview with Palestinian intellectual Mustafa Barghouthi.


20 Silence and security
Samah Jabr thinks that Israeli security is intimately linked to that of Palestinians.

22 You can't shake hands with a suicide bomber
The suicide bombs have traumatized Israel and frozen opposition to the occupation. Amichai Geva pleads for the political space for the peace movement to gather force.

24 History and faith
Ancient claims on the Holy Land.

24 Dangerous illusions
Modern myths that add fuel to the flames.

26 I choose not to settle
David Fingrut finds that, despite the handsome perks, life in a West Bank settlement is not for him.

27 Mean streets
The confrontation between the Palestinians and the ultra-orthodox in the West Bank town of Hebron is about as ugly as it gets. Jessica McCallin from the front line.

28 The US will pay
George Bush gives a blank cheque.

29 Blunt talk
A conversation with Uri Avnery.

29 Action to end the occupation

30 Room for manoeuvre
Possible paths to peace.

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2 Letters

4 Southern Exposure
Working on Christ, by Indonesian photographer NG Swanti.

5 View from the South
By bringing guilty fellow Africans to book we will start to repair our own hurt, argues Ike Oguine.

6 Currents
How the FBI bombed and framed eco-activists; Johannesburg as a symbol of unsustainability; Mary Robinson and other UN dissidents purged by US.
PLUS: Word Corner - Sausage.
PLUS: Seriously

31 Worldbeaters
Still mixing it after all these years? Henry Kissinger can run, but he can't hide.

32 Mixed Media

34 Big Bad World
The rich and global warming, as seen by cartoonist Polyp.
PLUS: NI Prize Crossword

35 Making waves
Profile of Sunlight Bassini, excavator of the Aboriginal heritage.

36 Essay - 'They all have to go'
Argentina may have fallen into an abyss, but Benjamin Blackwell finds the people still alive and kicking.

38 Country Profile - Grenada

NI-Japan (No.36)


Israel & Palestine
This month NI goes behind the stereotypes presented in both the Western and Japanese media and brings you a picture of the real people involved in this conflict. The soldiers, the peace activists, the ambulance drivers, doctors, well as international NGOs, their actions and ideas.

<This month's main theme article>

·Translation of "The occupation is killing us all" (p9-12)

<Reporting from Japan>

·Aid to Palestine and Japan's Role in the Middle East
Interview with Nakashima Isamu, Director of the Middle East Institute of Japan

·Report from the Grass Roots-Activities and Possibilities for NGOs in Palestine
by Tanaka Yoshiko (Secretary of Campaign for the Children of Palestine)

<Contact Points>
Information of organizations, a seminar, and so on.

<Country Profile>
-Translation of "Country Profile - Grenada" (p36)

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