November 2002

The Other America
NI (No.351)


9 Tucson or not Tucson
The place may not be what you first think of as typically American, but David Ransom finds plenty of food for second thoughts, and dissent, in a city with two very different sides. 11 Segregation Tucson-style The indigenous Hispanic community lives a life apart - Karina Ioffee reports.

14 Rolling Thunder
Even a dead fish can go with the flow - but not Jim Hightower, Granny D, Tom Hayden, Joel Rogers and a host of others on the Downhome Democracy Tour.

16 Time theft
Working for WalMart has few compensations, as Barbara Ehrenreich found out for herself.


20 Freedom dreams
Taught as a child to see life as possibility, Robin Kelley has travelled from black nationalism to the 'poetry' of imagining a new society.

22 Yes we can!
Labour unions have begun to embrace 'New Internationalism'. Mark Engler finds out what it means.

23 Oh no you don't!
Corporations are trying hard to get their hands on the creaking public education system in New York. Matthew Reiss reports on what parents, teachers and students have been doing to stop them.

24 Great American Rebels
True originals Daniel Shays, Geronimo, Emma Goldman, Mae West, Paul Robeson, Rachel Carson, Cesar Chavez, Noam Chomsky and The Simpsons.

26 The Other America is America
Confronted by a growing crisis of democratic legitimacy in their own country, argues David Ransom, dissident Americans have to turn the Washington Consensus on its head - and the world the right way up.

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2 Letters

4 Southern Exposure
A holy Buddhist site in Sri Lanka, photographed by Shyam Tekwani.

5 View from the South
Africans are desperate to protect hard-won democracy, as Ike Oguine explains.

6 Currents
Madagascar: catastrophe may follow conflict; Brazilians say no to American free trade; unnoticed WTO victory at Johannesburg; solar water disinfection..
PLUS: Word Corner - Shampoo.
PLUS: Seriously

29 Worldbeaters
One-man wrecking crew in a Canadian one-party state: Ralph Klein..

30 Mixed Media

32 Big Bad World
Bombs away: Polyp's latest cartoon.
PLUS: NI Prize Crossword

33 Making waves
Ogoni campaigner Owens Wiwa - brother of executed writer Ken Saro-Wiwa - explains why he is confronting the Shell corporation in a US court.

34 Essay - Asia's eco-guerrillas
Eco-resisters are making a difference from China to Singapore, Thailand to Philippines. Mike Levin reports.

36 Country Profile - Kiribati

NI-Japan (No.39)


The Other America
There are many faces of the United States of America-from Hollywood movies and Disneyland to military and economic domination, from the land of freedom and opportunity to the land of urban poverty. But who are the 'real Americans?' This month NI talks to the people behind the images, people who are working to change their country.

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·Translation of "Tucson or not Tucson" (p9-13)
·Translation of "THE OTHER AMERICA - THE FACTS" (p18-19)

<Reporting from Japan>
Connecting 'The Other America' and Japan
Leuren Moret, independent scientist specialising in radiation and public health issues and City of Berkeley Environmental Commissioner, has been in Japan supporting a candidate in a local council election campaign. Leuren has been active in building a US-Japan peace movement, working with US Congresswoman Barbara Lee and members of the Japanese Diet. NI Japan spoke to her about her activities both in America and Japan.

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Website about American bases in Japan, book and movie information.

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-Translation of "Country Profile - Kiribati" (p36)

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