NI (No.355)


9 The great privatization grab
Like modern-day pirates, marauding corporations are hijacking our public services - while governments turn a blind eye. Wayne Ellwood debunks the privatization myth.

13 I shop, therefore I am
A clinical report by psychiatrist Trevor Turner on a worrying new syndrome: malignant self-actualization.

16 The 'B' word
So if privatization doesn't work, what then? David Hall takes a stab at redesigning the public sector.


20 Bad medicine
Britain's vaunted National Health Service is reeling, hammered by lack of funding and government bumbling. But privatizing the system is not the answer, argues Allyson Pollock.

22 GATS Attacks!
Evil invaders from another planet blast our precious public services.
Illustration by Polyp.


24 The new apartheid
Patrick Bond from South Africa's townships on the growing opposition to privatization.

25 Power splurge
Filipino consumers will pay for the privilege of private power for years. Maitet Diokno-Pascual reports from Manila.

26 Crime pays
Amanda George from Australia on a successful struggle to close a private women's prison.

27 No pain, all gain
Export credit agencies do the dirty work, writes Mark Engler from New York.

27 Bankbusters
Boycotting World Bank bonds. By Mihail Dafydd Evans in Oxford.

28 Norse crossroads
Asbjørn Wahl from Norway on defending the welfare state.


2 Letters

4 Southern Exposure
A leper from Azad Kashmir, by Pakistani photographer Ayesha Vellani.

5 View from the South
Nigeria's sharia furore explained by Ike Oguine.

6 Currents
How Coca-Cola is depleting wells in south India; reparations for slavery movement; can there be a good mining company?
PLUS: Word Corner - Ostracize
PLUS: Seriously

29 World Beaters
Behind the bland face of China's new leader Hu Jintao.

30 Mixed Media

32 Big Bad World
Brainstorm for a better world with the latest Polyp cartoon.
PLUS: NI Prize Crossword

33 Making Waves
Exiled Burmese activist Myint Myint Wai recalls her, desperate time in prison.

34 Essay - How to be reconciled with an oil-Spill
Horatio Morpurgo writes from the devastated coast of Galicia in the wake of the Prestige disaster.

36 Country Profile - Bahamas

NI-Japan (No.43)


'Free markets, small governments.' This is supposed to be the answer to all our economic problems according to the powerful, and around the world public assets are fast being sold off to the private sector. But privatization is NOT inherently more efficient than public administration and in its focus on profits, not people, means that it is the public who end up losing.

<This month's article>
·Translation of "The great privatization grab" (p9-12)
·Translation of "Paying the price" (p18-19)

<Reporting from Japan>
·Privatization of the medical and welfare sectors---who does it really benefit?
Interview with Ms. Tokumo Machiko
(Director of the Health and Welfare Department, All Japan Prefectural and Municipal Workers Union)

<Contact Points>
Books and NPO information on privatization.

<Country Profile>
-Translation of "Country Profile - Bahamas" (p36)

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