May 2003

Latin America
NI (No.356)


9 The liberation of Latin America
David Ransom thinks Latin Americans could be the first to overturn a ruinous global orthodoxy.

11 I am the other
The old Argentina has fallen apart. David Ransom goes to Buenos Aires to see what's taking its place.

16 The tick and the time bomb
Michael McCaughan disentangles an explosive mix in Venezuela.


20 Longing for Lula
A landslide has finally delivered Brazil's first-ever working-class President. Sue Branford joins the celebrations - but keeps her eyes on the prize.

22 Sound of the soul
If the Free Trade Area of the Americas is ever created, says Jim Shultz, it won't be for want of resistance in Bolivia.

23 Enough already
Duncan Green on the first decade of the North American Free Trade Agreement in Mexico.

24 The Divided States of Latin America
The price of disunity through the years.

26 Under the umbrella
Roberto Elissalde charts the rise, and compromise, of a 'Broad Front' in Uruguay.

27 Growing from the grassroots
A new alliance forged by indigenous peoples has jointed the Government of Ecuador. Luis Angel Saavedra wonders how long they'll stay.


2 Letters

4 In memory of Iraq
Felicity Arbuthnot recalls the doomed buildings of the country she loves.

6 Currents
Where next? An NI report on the right-wing thinkers behind US foreign policy and their possible next targets: Iran, North Korea and Syria.
PLUS: Seriously

29 Worldbeaters
The butcher of Gujarat? India's homegrown Hitler? Or Mr Simplicity? Narendra Damodardas Modi takes the stage.

30 Mixed Media

32 Big Bad World
The puppy dogs of war, in the latest Polyp cartoon.
PLUS: NI Prize Crossword

33 Making waves
Exiled Iraqi activist Haifa Zangana has her say on the war.

34 Essay - I'd like to know
Eduardo Galeano wonders what George Bush knows that we don't.

36 Country Profile - Egypt

NI-Japan (No.44)


Latin America
Latin American countries are in the news - economic crisis in Argentina, violent demonstrations in Venezuela - mainstream media tends to paint a negative picture. But many of the 'crises' reflect the total failure of neo-liberalism, and the people of Latin America are moving forward with positive alternatives.

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·Translation of "The liberation of Latin America" (p9-10)
·Translation of "The tick and the time bomb" (p16-17)

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·Grassroots Connections
Red de Cooperacion Mutua entre Japon y America Lationa: RECOM
(Japan/Latin America Cooperation Network)
by Umemura Takahisa

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NGO, books and film information on Latin America.

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-Translation of "Country Profile - Egypt" (p36)

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