June 2003

Climate Change Solutions
NI (No.357)


9 The big switch
Global warming is with us. So are the solutions. Why don't we wake up to them? asks Vanessa Baird.

13 Toxic sceptics - six climate-change deniers and their views.

14 End tailpipe tyranny
Jim Motavalli charts a route for hydrogen-fuelled cars.

16 Time for Topia
In the heart of trouble, a village that can teach the world. Monica del Pilar Uribe Marín reports on Gaviotas, Colombia.

18 Climate justice - THE FACTS

20 Run with the wind
Germany has made a high-speed shift to wind and solar power. Janet L Sawin outlines how.

22 People power
Surging up across the world.

24 From coal to sunrise
Unions and workers view renewable energy with mistrust. They needn't. Danny Kennedy reports from Australia.

26 Shares in the sky
A model to reduce global warming - and increase global justice. Mark Lynas explains 'contraction and convergence'.

28 ACTION and Worth reading

FREE POSTER! Slobbie Ozzie Does Detox
A 20 point-programme to shake the ostrich mentality and kick that energy-guzzling habit.


2 Letters

4 Southern Exposure
A female freedom fighter from Bangladesh's war of independence, photographed by Sameera Huque.

5 View from the South
Urvashi Butalia reflects on how language is distorted and transmuted in war.

6 Currents
The walls going up between Hindu and Muslim districts in Gujarat, India; map of worldwide resistance to the IMF; fog as a source of drinking water.
PLUS: Word Corner - Assassin/Thug.
PLUS: Seriously

29 Worldbeaters
Financial swindler or the future of Iraq? Ahmed Chatabi.

30 Mixed Media

32 Big Bad World
Apply here to join the world's corporate élite.
PLUS: NI Prize Crossword

33 Making Waves
Introducing the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan.

34 Essay - Open markets, closed doors
Aasim Sajjad Akhtar surveys the lamentable state of democracy in Pakistan.

36 Country profile - Indonesia

NI-Japan (No.45)


Climate Change Solutions

<This month's article>
·Translation of "The big switch" (p9-12)

<Reporting from Japan>
·Preventing Global Warming through Changing Social Systems: CASA's Project
by Yamamoto Sho (Citizen's Alliance to Save the Atmosphere and the Earth:CASA)

<Contact Points>
NGO and book information on climate change.

<Country Profile>
-Translation of "Country Profile - Indonesia" (p36)

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