January/February 2004


NI (No.364)


9 Equality's progress
It's been a tough time for equality. But is it really 'an endangered species', as some have suggested? Vanessa Baird takes stock.

14 Strong & smart
Teacher Chris Sarra is turning upside-down ideas about what Aboriginal kids can and can't do.

15 I was born white
Mark Minchinton undertakes a journey back to his - and his country's - Aboriginal roots.

Equality watch: Race & ethnicity

17 Betrayal
Two years after the liberation of Afghanistan, are its women really free? Reports from Mariam Rawi and Jamila Mujahed.

Equality watch: Women & men


22 Each in their place
There's caste and there's class. And in some places the two intertwine. Mari Marcel Thekaekara writes from India, where the struggle for Dalit rights is gathering strength.

Equality watch: Caste & class

25 The self I will never know
Genital mutilation of intersex children occurs on a daily basis. Esther Morris explains why it must stop - and why intersex needs to become the 'gay rights' of the 21st century.

Equality watch: Sexual & gender minorities

28 A few thoughts on equality
Diverse theories at a glance.

30 Do we really want equality
Writer and psychoanalyst Adam Phillips asks some tricky questions.

31 Another coinage
Jeremy Seabrook counts the emotional costs to migrant labour in a globalized world.

Equality watch: Rich & poor

33 Gem in a world of rocks
What the co-op movement can do for equality, by Costa Rica's former President and Nobel Prize winner Oscar Arias Sánchez.

Equality watch: Fair work, fair trade

35 ACTION: Contacts and resources


<Regular Features>

2 Letters

4 Southern Exposure
The funeral of seven Mexican peasants killed by rightwing paramilitaries, by the great Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado.

5 View from the South
The 12th and final installment of Eduardo Galeano's Windows series: Odysseys.

6 Currents
Iranian women fight the 'medieval' practice of blood money; greasy palms on the dirty side of the oil industry; China's new environmentalists; facts on global youth.
PLUS: Big Bad World
PLUS: Word Corner - Elephant

36 The Jumbo NI Prize Crossword
With a jumbo prize to match.

37 Mixed Media
The best films, books and music of 2003 along with the new reviews.

40 Country Profile - Brazil

NI-Japan (No.52)


How 'equal' has the world become? We can compare different countries and different groups, but how do we judge if we are now more 'equal' than we were, say, 10 years ago? What actually is a state of 'equality'? Is it what we really want? And if it is, how can we get there? This month NI looks at this complicated concept 'equality' from diverse perspectives.

<This month's article>
-Translation of "Equality's progress" (NI p9-12)

<Reporting from Japan>
-Working towards equality - in its various forms

<Contact Points>
-Resources for the Buraku issues and the women's employment issues.

<Country Profile>
-Translation of "Country Profile - Brazil" (p40)

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