March 2004


IMF and World Bank

NI (No.365)


9 The Power and the Folly
The IMF and the World Bank are the 21st-century equivalent of colonial governors, argues Chris Brazier.

12 States of Unrest
Resistance to economic 'adjustment' is growing with every passing year, as this worldwide round-up shows.

14 The Hospital that makes you Sicker
The IMF is run by free-market fundamentalists, says former World Bank chief economist Joseph Stiglitz.

16 Wild West goes East
Long-standing World Bank consultant Peter Griffiths blows the whistle on the damage done, from Russia to Sierra Leone.


20 Globalizing Greenwash
The World Bank claims that its environmental policies have been transformed. Pamela Foster sifts through the evidence.

22 The Two Towers
Gandalf, wizard of the World Bank, has a dilemma. Should he stand alongside the hobbits and elves of Middle-earth against the powerpoint-wielding orcs? Or should he go along with IMF mage Saruman's plan for world domination? A comic extravaganza by Brick and Brazier.

24 No Prescription Needed
The grassroots SAPRIN network spent years working with the World Bank - only for the Bank to batten down the hatches. Mark Engler reports.

25 Structurally Adjust This...
Adam Ma'anit gives the Bank and the Fund a taste of their own medicine.

27 ...Imagine That!
Adam Ma'anit steps towards a world without the IMF and the World Bank.

28 Resistance is Fertile! - Action directory and resources.

<Regular Features>

2 Letters

4 Southern Exposure
The dream of dance, captured by Sri Lanka's Dhanushka Amarasekara.

5 View from the South
Two writers who uncover the heart of Africa, introduced by Ike Oguine.

6 Currents
Haiti's heroic past and troubled present; why mobile phones are all the rage in Africa; the ubiquitous plastic bag; truth and reconciliation in Sudan.
PLUS: Word Corner - Brothel.
PLUS: Speechmarks and Seriously

29 Worldbeaters
Yet another idealistic comrade turned brutal dictator: Eritrea's Isaias Afwerki.

30 Mixed Media

32 Big Bad World
The transnational approach to ethics in Polyp's latest cartoon.

33 Making Waves
Why two exiled Colombian activists have launched their own 'world tour'.

34 Essay - Together but not scrambled
Cuba is not quite the multiracial nirvana that Rotimi Ogedengbe was hoping for...

36 Country Profile - Yemen

NI-Japan (No.53)


IMF and World Bank
In the rich countries, along with the WTO, the IMF and World Bank are institutions that we have probably heard of somewhere, but we are not entirely sure what they do.

Find out in graphic detail how IMF and World Bank policies devastating the people in the Majority World, and also who owns these 2 shadowy institutions. Japan's role and responsibility is not insignificant.....

<This month's article>
-Translation of "The Power and the Folly" (NI p9-11)
-Translation of "IMF/WORLD BANK - THE FACTS" (NI p18-19)

<Reporting from Japan>
-The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank - Japan's crucial part
---by Fukawa Yoko (Pacific Asia Resource Center)

<Contact Points>
-Information on Japanese NGOs working on IMF/World Bnak related issues and recommended books.

<Country Profile>
-Translation of "Country Profile - Yemen" (p36)

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