June 2005
Out of Africa - A Migrant's story

Immigration has never been encouraged in Japan. But, bowing to pressure from the globalised economy, even Japan is getting ready to accept a limited number of health workers from the Philippines. Why do migrants decide to leave their countries and their loved ones? This month NI journeys with a Kenyan nurse who became a migrant health care worker in Britain as she goes back to Kenya to visit family and friends. We see why she left but also what she left behind.







2 Letters

4 Southern Exposure
The heartbreak of a woman from Tamil Nadu, India, who lost her granddaughter to the tsunami, photographed by Arindam Mukherjee.

5 View from the South
Are journalistic 'sting' operations exposing corruption justified? Or have journalists climbed on too high a horse? The debate is raging in India, as Urvashi Butalia explains.

6 Currents
The King of Nepal's draconian crackdown; will the US be forced to stop subsidizing cotton?; Disney rewrites Carib history.
PLUS: Wordpower-the language of the environment.
PLUS: Seriously

9 Out of Africa
Kenyan nurse Nancy Wambui Itotia is working in a nursing home in England. What has brought her there - so far from home and family? Vanessa Baird reports.

12 Hope FM
To Kenya with Nancy to see what she has left behind - and the effect that the money she sends home has on her family.

14 Itinerary

15 Acute phase
Hospital visits reveal the brain-drain of nurses and a deepening crisis in Africa's health provision. Who is to blame?

18 Health & Migration - THE FACTS

20 The Kikuyu cradle
A journey through the country's troubled past to visit Nancy's 90-year-old mother.

22 Stop being corrupt!
Kenya's struggle with sleaze.

23 Aaieeeeee!
In Banana Hill much is expected of a nurse from abroad.

24 IF... migrant workers left the rich world what would happen?
An answer in pictures.

26 We are sorry... We stole your daughter.
Nancy helps repair a tradition that was damaged in her absence.

26 Action

27 What is to be done?
Brain-drain. Racism. Exploitation. Poverty. Inequality. Charting a path through the healthcare minefield.

29 Worldbeaters
George W Bush goes for broke with his neocon appointees to the World Bank, the UN and UNICEF.

30 Mixed Media

32 Big Bad World
Corporate responses to protest: part 598. by Polyp.
PLUS: NI Prize Crossword

33 Making Waves
'It's the Wild West,' says Dave Logie, of Greenpeace Amazonas, talking about the dangers of confronting loggers and ranchers who are clearing the rainforest.

34 Essay - The bushfires of affluence
Jeremy Seabrook uncovers his own roots in a now-lost industrial culture to track how the world has been dazzled and damaged by consumerism.

36 Country Profile - Venezuela








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-Translation of "Out of Africa" (NI p9-11)
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<Reporting from Japan>
-Immigrant workers in Japan
---by Yusa Haruna

<Country Profile>
-Translation of "Country Profile - Venezuela" (p36)


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