August 2005
The Challenge to Violence

As the much of the world, including Japan, rushes headlong into increasing militarism and a spiral of violence, it is very important to remember the power of the peaceful protest. Meeting violence with violence has never solved anything, but people in the streets, armed only with their beliefs have brought down entire governments and social systems. Meet some of them in this monthfs NI.







2 Letters

4 Southern Exposure
In New Delhi a boy studies the Qu'ran. Gautam Narang captures the moment.

5 View from the South
Ike Oguine in Nigeria questions the difference between defending a culture from globalization and the nationalism of the extreme right.

6 Currents
The Moroccan occupation of Western Sahara intensifies; the worsening position of women in Central Asia; UNESCO stands up for cultural diversity.
PLUS: Wordpower - the language of artistic expression.
PLUS: Seriously
PLUS: Big Bad World - Live8: multimillionaires for economic justice.

9 The Challenge to Violence
Alternatives to violence can get better results. So why aren't we using them? Chris Richards goes to Sri Lanka and finds out.

12 The Power of the People
History's rich tapestry of human rights won and dictators defeated without so much as a shot fired.

14 Letters from Gandhi
What would Gandhi say today? Anthony Kelly and Jason MacLeod ask his spirit.

16 How the hawk kills the dove
Stephen Zunes exposes the Western tactics that suppress peace in Iraq.

18 Violent realities - THE FACTS

20 Attention!
Dylan Mathews explores new media methods that break down conflict in Africa.

21 About face!
Former Costa Rican President, Oscar Arias Sanchez, explains his vision for a world without armies.

22 Present arms!
Sholto Macpherson reports that equating guns with small penises is encouraging Latinos to disarm.

24 Forward march!
Jo Wilding sets out seven ways to help stop the violence in Iraq.

25 The face of violence
Mayra Juca discovers why injuring others attracts young men.

26 Flowers on the razor wire
Chris Richards reports from the frontline of nonviolent action's newest frontier.

28 Action
Contacts and resources.

29 Worldbeaters
Court journalist Thomas Friedman boosts imperial traditions of US media.

30 Mixed Media

32 NI Prize Crossword
Bumper 100th puzzle.

33 Making Waves
The Women's Development Bank of Venezuela has Nora Castaneda for a power supply.

34 Essay - Railway to the top of the world
Impressive engineering, but Erling Hoh fears the new link with China could spell the end of Tibet.

36 Country Profile - The Gambia









<This month's article>
-Translation of "The Challenge to Violence" (NI p9-11)

<Reporting from Japan>
-Non-Violence in Japan by Caitlin Stronell (NI-Japan)
*Japan's Gandhi:Ahagon Shoko
*Non-Violence and Buddhism
*Non-Violence and Women

<Country Profile>
-Translation of "Country Profile - The Gambia" (NI p36)


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