March 2006
Cartoons & comics

The worldwide controversy caused by the publication in European newspapers of a cartoon depicting the Prophet Muhammad with a bomb in his turban has prompted us to bring forward this issue of the New Internationalist. The magazine does not address the current situation directly. In any event, opinions on the current controversy are ten-a-penny at present and inordinate amounts of newspaper and web space are filled with invective. We resist attempts by extremists on both sides to force a bogus 'clash of civilizations'. With this magazine we aim to do something different by considering the social and political usefulness of cartooning - and by exploring some of the thorny thickets into which this feisty visual medium can lead us. Improbable as it may seem to some contributors to the current debate, cartooning can be a particularly potent tool of development education, conveying vital messages about health and human rights all over the world. This issue contains plenty such examples, though it is also - much like cartoonists themselves - spiky, entertaining and occasionally outrageous.







2 Seriously funny business
by Paul Gravett

4 Somewhere over Ireland
by Martyn Turner and Colm Regan

6 Taking issue
-Corruption by Colm Regan
-Women by Ana von Rebeur

8 I-Codes
by Bob Linney

10 Less text! Interview with Leif Packalen

12 How to make grassroots comics

13 Comics workshop for activists

14 Campaigning comics and Mainstream comic books

16 Someone's avin' a larf
by Polyp

18 Stereotypical
by Kate Charlesworth

20 Shoot the cartoonist
by Luke Warm

22 On this day...

23 Southern Exposure

24 Currents
The international round-up continues over the page with Spain's attempt to put dictators worldwide on trial.
PLUS: Wordpower - the language of nuclear power.
PLUS: Speechmarks and Seriously

27 Worldbeaters
He enraged rioting immigrant youths by calling them 'rabble'. But it would be a mistake to underestimate France's combative Interior Minister, Nicolas Sarkozy.

28 Mixed Media

30 Essay: Justice & Rights
The political situation in Iran may not be as bleak as the election of Mahmood Ahmedinejad suggested, argues Imran Shafi.

32 Big Bad World
Polyp offers a new take on EVOlution.
PLUS: NI Prize Crossword

33 View from Cochabamba
The victory of Leftist indigenous leader Evo Morales in the Bolivian presidential election has engendered real hope of change, as Gretchen Gordon and Jim Shultz report.

34 Letters

35 Letter from Mauritius
In the first of a new series of monthly letters, novelist Lindsey Collen finds the long fingers of Bollywood stretch
even to her own shores.

36 Country Profile - Pakistan





NI Japan




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-Seriously funny business (NI p2-3)

-I-Codes (NI p6-7)

-Taking issue (NI p6-7)

-Nothing inappropriate (NI p14)

-How to make grassroots comics (NI p12)

-Comics workshop for activists (NI p13)

-On this day... (NI p22)

-Southern Exposure (NI p23)

-Current - Paper profits in The Gambia / SPEECHMARKS (NI p24-26)

-Country Profile - Pakistan (NI p36)


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