April 2006
Trade Justice

The recent trade summit in Hong Kong did virtually nothing to make trade more fair for poorer countries - even though the current round of talks is meant to be devoted to 'development'. The clamour for 'trade justice' is growing around the world - and with good reason. But what does it actually mean?

Next month's issue of the New Internationalist embarks on a journey of exploration. It involves stops in Hong Kong and Bangladesh but also takes us through the global trading system and the reasons why it isn't working for so many of the world's people. But this issue also goes beyond 'what's wrong' and towards alternative ideas for better, fairer ways of organizing global trade








2 Trade Justice
What is it? Vanessa Baird embarks upon a journey of discovery.

5 The Great Tradomino!
A famous illusionist reveals tricks of the trade.

6 Made in China
A peek at who's bankrolling the boom.

8 Junk the WTO!
They shouted it in Hong Kong. But why is the organization so hated?

11 Rice resistance
A growing 'no' to GMO.

12 Speak out... on trade justice
Vox pop of people from around the world.

14 Laboratory for change
Is Fair Trade a sideshow - or a blueprint for the future?

16 Keep buying!
To Dhaka, Bangladesh, to talk to the people who made your amazingly cheap T-shirt.

18 So, what's to be done?
At the journey's end, some proposals for how to make trade more just.

21 Action
Contacts and resources.

22 Currents
The international round-up continues over the page with the debate now raging about
control of the internet.
PLUS: Wordpower - the language of torture.
PLUS: Seriously

25 Worldbeaters
He released an album of Elvis songs. He wears Hawaiian style shirts. He's a rebel. But don't be fooled - Japanese leader Koizumi Junichiro is playing the nationalist, neoliberal game as well as anyone at the moment.

26 Mixed Media

28 Southern Exposure
Blood of the Martyr is a photo taken early in the Iranian revolution of 1979 by Kaveh Golestan, who was killed in Iraq in 2003 while working for the BBC.

29 View from Montevideo
Indigenous leader Evo Morales' election victory continues to cause shockwaves around the world. Eduardo Galeano sees it as symbolizing the second founding of Bolivia.

30 Essay: Troubled Water
India is pressing ahead with the most ambitious dam building programme ever conceived. Rainer Hoerig sees trouble ahead.

32 Big Bad World
Polyp announces the next creative strategy in the War on Terror.
PLUS: NI Prize Crossword

33 Making Waves
Interview with Irene Fernandez - defender of Malaysia's migrant workers and winner of an 'alternative Nobel Prize'.

34 Letters
Squatters are political pioneers; Geldof and the gates of heaven; litany of misery; Western justice is not neutral.

35 Letter from Mauritius
How globalization came into the life of sugar labourer Kawlowtee, by Lindsey Collen.

36 Country Profile - Liberia





NI Japan




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-Trade Justice (NI p2-4)

-Chinese T-shirt, African T-shirt, Ethical T-shirt (NI p7, 9, 15)

-Junk the WTO! (NI p8-10)

-Laboratory for change (NI p14-15)

-So, what's to be done? (NI p18-21)

-Speak out... on trade justice (NI p12-13)

-Country Profile - Liberia (NI p36)

-Currents (NI p22-24)
Corporate no-no/Primitive Media


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