July 2006
CO2NNED - Carbon offsets stripped bare

As concern about climate change grows and our profligate use of fossil fuels continues unchecked, many companies, governments and individuals have been turning to carbon offsets' for a cheap and easy option to reduce their contribution to global warming. However, the principles underlying carbon offsetting are deeply flawed. Many of the projects that are claimed as being beneficial to the climate cause harm to communities and ecosystems in other ways. The boon that the carbon offset industry has given to large monoculture tree plantations in particular is of great concern. This issue explores the thorny and complex issues behind the emerging 'carbon offset industry, the communities negatively affected by so-called 'climate friendly' projects, and what really needs to happen to counter climate change.







2 If you go down to the woods today...
The carbon offset industry can't see the wood for the trees, argues Adam Ma'anit.

7 10 things you should know about tree offsets
Forest and climate change campaigner Jutta Kill explains why planting trees is no substitute for reducing pollution.

8 Forest fever
It's 2010. Brazilian activists Marcelo Calazans and Renata Valentim imagine what the future might look like if the carbon market continues to grow.

12 Blinded by the light
Trusha Reddy discovers why a climate project in South Africa isn't really switched on.

14 Carbon offsets - THE FACTS

16 Uprooted
Restoring the rainforest or destroying people's lives? Timothy Byakola and Chris Lang find organizations have much to answer for in Uganda.

18 Please do not sponsor this tree!
Raised voices on climate change.

20 Action
Don't be 'neutral' on climate change, be positive!

22 Currents
The international round-up continues on Page 26 with news of the terrifying cholera epidemic in Angola and of soldiers in revolt in Timor- Leste.
PLUS: Seriously

25 Worldbeaters
Bully-boy monopolist turned mega-philanthropist: Bill Gates looks down on the world from Olympian heights of wealth. But
the Vista before him is looking ever more troubled.

26 Mixed Media

28 Southern Exposure
Housing themselves. Urban action in Sao Paulo caught by Carlos Cazalis.

29 View from Western
Sahara Saharawis abandoned warfare and eschewed terrorism, placing their trust in international law and the United Nations. Now look how they've been rewarded. Kamal Fadel feels betrayed.

30 Essay: The happiness conspiracy
Our entire socio-economic system is designed to spew out citizens eternally in search of satisfaction, argues John F Schumaker.

32 Big Bad World
An unlikely Second Coming in a gospel according to Polyp.
PLUS: NI Prize Crossword

33 Making Waves
Annie Kajir - the lawyer who won't be scared off by the robber barons of Papua New Guinea's timber industry.

34 Letters

35 Letter from Mauritius
Lindsey Collen introduces two campaigning widows whose husbands died in police custody.

36 Country Profile - Gabon





NI Japan




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-If you go down to the woods today... (NI p2-6)

-10 things you should know about tree offsets (NI p7)

-Carbon offsets - THE FACTS (NI p14-15)

-Please do not sponsor this tree! (NI p18-19)

-Blinded by the light (NI p12-13)

-Country Profile - Gabon (NI p36)

-Currents (NI p22-23)

<Special Report> Reporting from Japan
The Japanese Government takes on Kyoto Mechanisms
by Hirata Kimiko (Kiko Network


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