October 2006
Europe! Resisting corporate design

From Bucharest to Berlin there is an unease spreading across Europe. A feeling is catching hold that things are 'out of control'. The great hopes for a peaceful and prosperous post-war Europe are in peril. Hostility to things European is everywhere. The European Constitution is down the tubes. People no longer bother to vote in elections for the European Parliament. The EU is held to blame for a wide variety of ills from bureaucratic meddling to a lack of accountability. So who is to blame?

NI tackles the big questions facing Europe. Can the EU be democratic? Under what conditions should new members be added? What is good about European society? How can this best be defended? And is Britain really part of Europe or simply a US Trojan horse? We look at a growing resistance, this time not from nationalist Colonel Blimps or mindless xenophobes, but from those convinced that if Europe is to survive it must be based on democracy and social inclusion.







2 Dictatorship of no alternatives
Richard Swift dissects the corporate takeover of the European Union.

4 Whose Europe? Our Europe!
Susan George mounts a spirited defence of social Europe.

7 Worth fighting for
Sweden's has a record of going its own way. Peter Gustavsson wants to keep it that way.

9 To Barcelona or Hell
Sharif Gemie on a dangerous migration fuelled by desperation.

11 Bad cop, worse cop
John Hilary issues a warning about European concern for the world's poor.

12 Europe in Question - THE FACTS

14 Aux armes, citoyens!
The French provide a good example on how to say 'non'. Veronique Mistiaen finds out why.

16 The Old Lady and New Europe
Horatio Morpurgo unearths the seeds of future discord in Romania and Bulgaria.

18 Tug of Justice - Two Visions of Europe

20 The next move?
Richard Swift plays a little euro-chess.

22 Currents
The international round-up continues on page 24 with an image from bombarded Lebanon put into context.
PLUS: Seriously...

25 Worldbeaters
Dubya's warrior princess and orchestrator of grand welcomes and much else besides, Condoleezza Rice.

26 Mixed Media

28 Southern Exposure
A song of the soul from Dhaka, Bangladesh, clicked by Shahadat Parvez.

29 View from Delhi
Urvashi Butalia on why there's no level playing field when it comes to 'merit' in India.

30 Essay: Coca and society in Chapare
Grassroots politics goes mainstream in Bolivia. Photo essay by Jorge Uzoón.

32 Big Bad World
Bedtime prayers of infamous co-dependents from Polyp.
PLUS: NI Prize Crossword.

33 Making Waves
Being a human rights activist in Colombia can be murder, but that hasn't stopped
Hernando Hernandez Tapasco.

34 Letters
Animal testing does not equal drug safety; banks - from usury to alternatives; dubious
'carbon neutral' plantations; cultural sensitivity.

35 Letter from Mauritius
Lindsey Collen scampers on to rocks in search of grass.

36 Country Profile - Uganda




NI Japan




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-Dictatorship of no alternatives (NI p2-3)

-Worth fighting for (NI p7-8)

-To Barcelona or Hell (NI p9-10)

-Europe in Question - THE FACTS (NI p12-13)

-Tug of Justice - Two Visions of Europe (NI p18-19)

-The next move? (NI p20-21)

-Europe vs US - in figures (NI p6)

-Country Profile - Uganda (NI p36)

-Currents (NI p24)
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