November 2006
Ethical shopping - a magic bullet to save the world?

'Make corruption history,' said leading British politician Gordon Brown. His comments were principally directed towards African leaders. But are Western politicians and commentators going the right way about stopping the rot? Isn't there something missing in their analysis that the problem is mainly one of 'poor governance' in developing nations? Next month's issue of the New Internationalist digs a little deeper.







2 Buy now, pay later
Ethical consumerism may be all the rage, but it won't save the planet, argues Jess Worth.

6 Stopping the Shopocalypse
Words of anti-consumerist wisdom from the Church of Stop Shopping's Reverend Billy.

7 Fair enough?
Fair trade risks losing its soul to big business. Albert Tucker wants you to join the fightback.

10 Don't believe the hypermarket
Supermarkets haven't seen the error of their unsustainable ways, reveals Sarah Irving.

12 21st century consumers
What brand of buyer are you?

14 Sweating over sweatshops
Mark Engler explains why 'clean clothes' campaigning is no longer about boycotting Gap.

16 Punk rock capitalism?
You can eliminate AIDS in Africa using an American Express credit card according to Product (RED)'s Tamsin Smith and Sheila Roche. Not everyone is convinced.

18 Consumption - THE FACTS

20 How to be an ethical consumer
Info and action ideas.

22 Currents
The international round-up continues on Page 24 with the crisis surrounding the
return of refugees to post-war southern Sudan.
PLUS: Seriously...

25 Worldbeaters
For years a sceptical Canada was left out of the worldbeating love-in between George W Bush and Tony Blair. Now right-wing Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been welcomed gladly to the fold.

26 Mixed Media

28 Southern Exposure
Postcards from ravaged Beirut: a unique living art project by pyromaniac photographer Abdallah Farah.

29 View from Montevideo
The Berlin Wall was considered an outrage. But where, asks Eduardo Galeano, is the outrage at the other walls being erected around the world, in Israel, Western Sahara and the US?

30 Essay: Free software!
Strike a blow for freedom - get rid of Windows, Word, Internet Explorer, Outlook
Express and the rest, says Bruce Byfield.

32 Big Bad World
Global warming and the closest of shaves in Polyp's latest cartoon.
PLUS: NI Prize Crossword

33 Making Waves
Battered women of all nationalities in the United Arab Emirates used to have no refuge. But Sharla Musabih has been putting that right.

34 Letters

36 Country Profile - Thailand




NI Japan




<This month's translation>

-Buy now, pay later (NI p2-5)

-Fair enough? (NI p7-9)

-Don't believe the hypermarket (NI p10-11)

-Sweating over sweatshops (NI p14-15)

-How to be an ethical consume (NI p20-21)

-Country Profile - Thailand (NI p36)

-Currents (NI p24)
---Seriously: Chocolate and child slaves

PLUS: Reporting from Japan
Ethical Consumerism - will it take root in Japan?
by Kitazawa Koh (Fair Trade Resource Center)


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