May 2007
Daring to dream - Inspiration from the Majority World


For our 400th edition, the NI unfurls a tapestry of ideas and activism from the Majority World. Engaged with the here and now in order to build for a better future, burnishing hope amid downturns and defeats, these are voices we feel you will want to hear.









2 Letters
Doing Poland an injustice; ignoring ancient goddess cultures; CO2 labelling should be mandatory.
PLUS: Letter from Mauritius

4 Daring to dream
Dinyar Godrej on what truly inspires.

7 Revenge
Luis Enrique Mejia Godoy's song of reconciliation.


8 Afroreggae beat the violence; Rural women claim their rights in South Africa.

10 Walden Bello's thoughts on turning back globalization; Brazil's small farmers stave off the giants.

12 Victor Juliet Mukasa sues the Ugandan Government; AIDS activist Zackie Achmat's acts of conscience; Gautam Bhan on the spectrum of queer lives.

14 Afghanistan's RAWA and Burma's Charm Tong take on the fundamentalists and the generals.

16 Corruption busters and activist filmmakers in India; radio revolution in Zambia, Malawi and Namibia.

18 Continental shift Carlos M Vilas gauges the gains of people's politics in Latin America.

20 The diverse, the multiple, the different A message of resistance from Oaxaca, Mexico.


Palestine: 40 years is enough

Gaza and the West Bank have been occupied since 1967. Samah Jabr counts the cost to Palestinians' mental health and Omar Barghouti calls for a boycott of Israel.

27 Currents
Drug intrigue and murder in Guatemala; Sherpa porters lament in Nepal; interview with a serial kidnapper.
PLUS: Seriously...

30 Big Bad World
Eco birdbrains in Polyp's cartoon.
PLUS: NI Prize Crossword

31 Worldbeaters
The Darth Vader of US elections: Republican dirty tricks king Karl Rove.

32 Mixed Media

34 View from Gujranwala
Abbas Zaidi tells the chilling story of an Islamic Jack the Ripper.

36 Country Profile - Democratic Republic of Congo





NI Japan




<This month's translation>

- Daring to dream (NI p4-6)

- Secret service (NI p14)

- Revenge (NI p7)

- Deep green (NI p11)

- The indivisible I (NI p13)

- Screen lives (NI p16)

- Pump up the volume (NI p17)

- Learning for life (NI p15)

- The diverse, the multiple, the different (NI p20)

***Special Feature***

- 40 years is enough (NI p21)

- Action on Palestine (NI p26)

- Country Profile - Democratic Republic of Congo (NI p36)

- Currents
--- Mauritania votes (AFRICA) (NI p28)
--- Big Bad World (NI p30)


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