August 2007
Southern Exposure


In the rich world we consume millions of images from the global South - from Africa, Asia or Latin America. Often they accompany news stories from these regions or calls for donations from aid agencies and charities.

But how often are those pictures actually taken by people from the South? With the advent of the internet and digital photography it should be easier than ever for Southern photographers to represent their own reality.

It isn't happening; the information flow is still - and probably increasingly - dominated by Western media and media-makers. In next month's issue of the New Internationalist photographer Shahidul Alam, founder of the award-winning Bangladeshi photo agency Drik, explains why this is so. And his selection of stunning photos from Southern photographers shows us what most of the Western press is missing.








2 Letters
Burqas in suburbia; Bahafi propaganda; is humanitarian intervention dangerous?
PLUS: Letter from Mauritius

4 Keynote - The Majority World looks back
Shahidul Alam makes the case for fair trade in imagery.

10 GALLERY - Belongings: felt, presented, challenged
Images from Bangladesh, Iran, South Africa and Sri Lanka.

12 FEATURE - A true Pathshala
The story of an extraordinary school, told by Sameera Huque and Shahidul Alam.

14 GALLERY - Lifecycle: with few exits
Images from Nepal and Bangladesh.

16 GALLERY - Coping with pain
Images from India and Bangladesh.

18 GALLERY- Lifestyles: disappearing and aspired
Images from Bangladesh and Japan.

20 Action
Contacts and websites.


The long wait for peace
After 20 years of war, Northern Uganda could be on the verge of a deal to end the violence. But will it enable the region's displaced and terrorized women and children to rebuild their lives? asks Rebecca Wearn.

25 Currents
Anti-slavery radio from Brazil; the G8 fails again; US private company to 'reform' Liberia's army.
PLUS: Wordpower and Seriously

28 Big Bad World
Polyp on the ultimate naivety.
PLUS: NI Prize Crossword

29 Making Waves
An interview with singer and 'World Citizen' David Sylvian.

30 Mixed Media
Including John Pilger's latest film, music by Simphiwe Dana and Tito Paris, a change-the-world handbook and a 'war on terror' boardgame.

32 Southern Exposure
A painting of village life by the Malawian artist Kingsley Maigwa.

33 View from Havana
A pox on Harry Potter and Dan Brown: Leonardo Padura Fuentes stands up for 'real' literature.

34 Essay: Enemy of the state
Shane Leavy tries to understand why the Chinese Government finds the Falun Gong movement so threatening.

36 Country Profile: Cambodia





NI Japan




<This month's translation>

- The Majority World looks back (NI p4-9)

- A true Pathshala (NI p12)

- We were going to change the world (NI p13)

- GALLERY - Lifecycle: with few exits (NI p14-15)

- GALLERY - Coping with pain (NI p16-17)

- GALLERY - Lifestyles: disappearing and aspired (NI p18-19)

- Country Profile - Cambodia (NI p36)

- Currents
--- Iran's uncivil treatment
--- Big Bad World (NI p28)


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