September 2007
Trafficked - For sexual exploitation


The trafficking of women and children for sexual exploitation has reached epidemic proportions in the past decade.

An estimated one million people - mainly girls and women - are currently trafficked into the sex industry by people ranging from violent gangsters to trusted family members. Practically every country is involved in some way.

In this issue of the New Internationalist tackles this most cruel manifestation of globalization.








2 Letters

4 Trafficked
Vanessa Baird examines the global trade in girls and young women sold into the sex industry.

8 Use my name
From Moldova and Nigeria, survivors tell their stories to Louisa Waugh.

10 Meet the traffickers
Victor Malarek shines a light on people who sell people.

12 The Facts

14 Knowing the difference
Bishakha Datta goes to the heart of a highly polarized debate.

15 'I never want to be rescued again'
Some anti-trafficking measures are doing more harm than good, argues Melissa Ditmore.

17 Stop Traffick!
Creative ideas from around the world.

20 Action, contacts and resources.


India's Viagra - Special Economic Zones

India wants to follow in the footsteps of China, popping miracle pills to raise the country up to export-led superstardom. What Dionne Bunsha, Maureen Nandini Mitra and Jayati Ghosh discover is a little less uplifting.

25 Currents
Death of a South African environmental activist; Mandelson and EU riding roughshod; Sierra Leone war crime convictions; China tries crackdown on polluters.
PLUS: Wordpower and Seriously

28 Big Bad World
Polyp suggests a new way to resist climate change. PLUS: NI Prize Crossword

29 Worldbeaters
Robert B Zoellick has finally reached his Promised Land as World Bank President. What can we expect?

30 Mixed Media
Including a special round-up of books on refugees, a film of Lady Chatterley and some spectacular Somali hip-hop.

32 Southern Exposure
Street children reaching for fish in Mumbai, captured by Brazilian photographer Tatiana Cardeal.

33 View from Lagos
Rebels in the Niger Delta have taken up arms - Ike Oguine explains what lies behind their resistance.

34 Essay: Working Life
Nick Hedges offers a photographic tribute to an industrial Britain that has effectively now disappeared.

36 Country Profile: Costa Rica





NI Japan




<This month's translation>

- Trafficked (NI p4-7)

- The Facts (NI p12-13)

- Stop Traffick! (NI p17-19)

- Country Profile - Costa Rica (NI p36)

- Currents
Living wage campaign launched (SOCIAL MOVEMENT) (NI p26)
--- Big Bad World (NI p28)

PLUS: Reporting from Japan
"Trafficking in Japan: past, present and future"

by Saito Yuriko
(Keisen University / Japan Network Against Trafficking in Persons)


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