March 2008
Ethical Travel


Travel and tourism are booming: more and more people from the rich world are travelling to more and more exotic locations. Countries the world over are desperate to boost their numbers of tourist visitors to ever higher levels. But at the same time concerns about the carbon emissions from transport are challenging a global industry founded on air travel. Is it ethical for us to fly at all?

Once we have reached our destination, tourism all too often fails to bring the trumpeted benefits to local peoples and cultures ? and can do downright harm. How can we make sure that travel ? especially in the Majority World ? is a positive experience not just for us but also for the countries and communities we are visiting? The NI picks its way through an ethical minefield.








2 Letters

4 To fly or not to fly?
Aviation's impact on climate change is disturbing. But what should we do about it? Chris Brazier interviews three campaigners - Adam Ma'anit, Mark Lynas and George Monbiot? and tries to decide.

10 Ten steps to reduce flying

12 Problems in paradise
Tourism is booming ? and every country seems to want more. But, Chris Brazier wonders, do they see the pitfalls?

15 What is ethical travel?
Chris Brazier investigates alternative tourism.

17 Another way
People on the tiny Thai island of Koh Yao Noi have adopted 'community-based tourism'. Marwaan Macan-Markar asks them about the benefits.

18 A New Internationalist Travellers' Code

20 Contacts and resources


High water risin'

Major flooding is becoming more common. And it's not just due to climate change. Human engineering of rivers is also to blame, according to Tim Kingston, who suggests a way of dealing with the problem.

25 Currents
Islanders in Papua New Guinea made homeless by rising sea levels; domestic violence against women in Tajikistan; Egypt tries to play peacemaker in Darfur.
PLUS: Wordpower & Seriously

28 Big Bad World
Polyp on a ghost haunting the White House.
PLUS: NI Prize Crossword

29 Worldbeaters
International Olympic Committee Its members normally get expenses-paid trips and luxurious lunches without being called to account. Time for a change.

30 Mixed Media
Books on the War on Terror and multiculturalism; a musical tribute to Che; and a stunning film about Turks in Germany.

32 Southern Exposure
A portrait of a young sex worker in Kolkata by Indian photographer Shantanu Mukherjee.

33 View from Havana
Cuban writers are often asked to gaze into a crystal ball and predict what is going to happen to the country. Leonardo Padura Fuentes does his best to oblige.

34 Essay: Sir and Madam
Barry Langridge asks why India still depends on charities to rescue its children.

36 Country Profile: Brunei





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- To fly or not to fly? (NI p4-9)

- What is ethical travel? (NI p15-16)

- Another way (NI p17, 20)

- A New Internationalist Travellers' Code (NI p18-19)

- Country Profile - Brunei (NI p36)


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