April 2008
New dawn for indigenous peoples?


Something is happening. In different parts of the world indigenous people are organizing, demanding justice and fighting back. The election of indigenous president Evo Morales in Bolivia has been having ripple effects in other Latin American countries. In Africa, the so-called 'Pygmy' people of the Congo basin are taking on the World Bank. In India tribal adivasi people are doing battle with big business. While in Australia aboriginal activists are urging their new government to rethink the disastrous racist policies of the Howard era.

On the world stage the most significant event is the agreement of the UN Declaration on Rights of Indigenous Peoples. If put into practice it could make a profound difference - to the way indigenous people are treated, to the way resources are extracted, and to whether we can save our planet..








2 Letters

4 I will return... and I will be millions
Are things beginning to look up for the world's indigenous peoples? Vanessa Baird begins a series of three reports from Bolivia, where the signs look most hopeful - and most precarious.

8 The colour of dreams
Aboriginal art from Christine Christopherson and Bronwyn Bancroft.

9 Questing the ayllu
The journey continues into Bolivia's mining and peasant heartland. Some surprises are in store.

12 Plenty to shout about
...if you're indigenous. THE FACTS.

14 Journey to the half moon
The battle lines are drawn in Santa Cruz - where resistance to Bolivia's indigenous President, Evo Morales, is most ferocious.

18 Arise!
Tales from the indigenous fight-back around the world.

20 Contacts and resources


The people vs Starbucks

Starbucks has become an icon of globalization - and a target for protesters. It claims to strike a balance between 'profitability' and 'a love of benevolence'. Rowenna Davis finds out if farmers, consumers and workers agree.

25 Currents
Dominica joins the Chávez camp; pitiful UN performance in Kosovo; clampdown on activists in New Zealand/Aotearoa.
PLUS: Wordpower & Seriously

28 Big Bad World
Polyp on the origins of wealth and poverty.
PLUS: NI Prize Crossword

29 Making Waves
Vandana Shiva, Indian environmentalist extraordinaire, on her new movement challenging supermarkets.

30 Mixed Media
Includes music from Turks both at home and in Germany; a film and a novel from South Africa; and African Psycho, set in Congo-Brazzaville.

32 Southern Exposure
Three photos from an Asian photography competition run by the UN - including the winning shot of a disabled fisher in Vietnam, by Nguyen Hung.

34 Essay: The triumph of triviality
Our culture's tolerance for seriousness has never been lower, argues John F Schumaker.

36 Country Profile: Lebanon





NI Japan




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- I will return... and I will be millions (NI p4-7)

- Plenty to shout about (NI p12-13)

- Questing the ayllu (NI p9-11)

- Arise! (NI p18-19)

- Country Profile - Lebanon (NI p36)


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