November 2008
Through Afghan eyes - The war that won't end


As the war in Afghanistan intensifies we ask Afghan writers and journalists how they see events unfolding and what they think their country needs to end decades of violent conflict.

Not surprisingly, what they have to say is rather different from the statements emanating from Western politicians and mainstream media pundits.

Next month's issue of the New Internationalist gives you a different - and more authentic - perspective on one of the world's key issues. Not only are the articles written by Afghans, but the images too are the work of first-rate photographers and cartoonists from the country.








2 Letters

4 Afghanistan on the edge
And the West acting like it knows best... again. Isn't it time we listened to Afghans, asks Vanessa Baird?

6 Losing Afghans
How to lose friends and alienate people, by Kabul defence journalist, Khabaryal.

8 A brief history of Afghanistan

11 Beyond the burqa
Sex, dating and the struggle for modernity, by Zuhra Bahman.


16 The blight of impunity
Human rights activist Horia Mosadiq takes her Government to task.

17 Theatre of justice
Drama is helping victims, writes Hadi Ogal.

18 Hearts and minds
Afghan views on WHAM - a key strategy of the coalition forces' war against the Taliban. Pictures from AINA's gallery.

20 Where has all the money gone?
Abdul Basir on the missing aid billions.

21 The opium bank
A canny village woman talks to Zuhra Bahman.

Groups, contacts and resources.

Pedal Power
When it comes to the future, the car simply can't compete. Chris Webb charts the comeback of the people's best friend ? the humble bicycle. And you can even make one out of bamboo.

26 Currents
Scandal of child refugees poisoned by UN; fair trade magic in Vanuatu; Chinese money talks in Tibet.

28 Only Planet
Gort & Klaatu discover Earth's dominant life-form in Marc Roberts' latest strip.

29 Worldbeaters
Looking for someone to blame for the collapse of capitalism as we have known and hated it? Alan Greenspan is as good a target as any.

30 Mixed Media
Win Hector Zazou's latest CD, reviewed here; Bobby Sands' story translates compellingly to the big screen; Mozambican Mia Couto's new novel.

32 Big Bad World
Polyp says a fond farewell to the Dubyameister.
PLUS: NI Prize Crossword

34 View from Havana
The special Cuban art of queuing dissected by Leonardo Padura Fuentes.

34 Essay - A meltdown primer
Radical insight and explanation from Waldon Bello.

36 Country Profile: St Kitts and Nevis





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- Afghanistan on the edge (NI p4-5)

- Losing Afghans (NI p6-7)


- Hearts and minds(NI p18-19)

- A brief history of Afghanistan (NI p8-10)

- Country Profile: St Kitts and Nevis (NI p36)


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