January/February 2009
Climate justice: Taking the power back


The impending climate crisis will make the financial meltdown look like a teddy bears' picnic - and it's the world's poor and marginalized who will suffer most. We know what's coming, and we have the means to prevent it. And yet we're just staring climate oblivion in the face. As the world continues to belch out greenhouse gases, and governments and corporations champion false solutions, a movement for climate justice is building. Its aim is to tackle perhaps the greatest challenge of our troubled times - how we can dramatically reduce global emissions, while at the same time raising the quality of life for the majority of the world's people. This magazine will explore what can be done.








2 Letters

4 Power politics
Stopping climate change will involve reversing some fundamental injustices, argues Jess Worth.

8 Four principles for climate justice

9 Degrees of delusion
Yang Ailun and David Spratt on why politicians are failing.

10 A million mutinies
Sunita Narain looks to the environmentalism of the poor for answers.

12 Climate Justice - the facts

14 A timely death?
Patrick Bond foresees a rocky future for carbon trading.

16 Leave it in the ground!
Activists Nnimmo Bassey and Mel Evans report from the frontline.

18 System error
Apocalyptic comedy from cartoonist Stephanie McMillan.

19 Just or Bust
Danny Chivers surveys the options for the Copenhagen climate talks in 2009, and asks if they can deliver climate justice.

24 Homegrown energy
In Brazil, communities are forging their own solutions, reports Lucia Ortiz.

26 Don't panic: take action!

SPECIAL FEATURE: Financial crisis
Clean Start
Building A Fairer Global Economy

27 A new, green, democratic deal
How the financial, social and environmental crises collide - the opportunities and the dangers. Susan George and Walden Bello get the debate going.

29 Meltdown South
David Ransom examines the impact so far on the Majority World.


31 Currents
Swiss mining company grabs Sierra Leone gems; nuclear fall-out still killing Kazakhs; Chavez's Bank.

32 Big Bad World
Polyp's polar bear.

34 Southern Exposure
Brazilian photographer Tatiana Cardeal on Kayapo body painting.

35 Worldbeaters
The democratic credentials of Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili are in tatters.

36 Making Waves
The veteran activist Jeff Halper talks about his part in breaching the blockade of Gaza.

38 NI Jumbo Prize Crossword

39 Mixed Media
The Best of 2008, plus this month's picks, including Che on film and KlezmerBalkanGreekGypsyPunk.

42 Essay: Concrete Dreams
India's middle class is becoming more antagonistic to the urban poor, says Jeremy Seabrook.

44 Country Profile: Belarus





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- Power politics (NI p4-7)

- Four principles for climate justice (NI p8)

- Climate Justice - the facts (NI p12-13)

- Just or Bust (NI p19)

- What's on the table? (NI p20-21)

- The road ahead (NI p23)

- Homegrown energy (NI p24)


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