June 2009
China in charge


It's year of anniversaries in China - 60 years of communist control; 30 years since capitalists joined the party; and 20 years ago next month since tanks rolled over Chinese reform movements in Beijing's Tiananmen Square.

As the US falters on the world stage, China is stepping into the spotlight. Yet the lines that it will deliver are still not clear. While some say Chinese communism will save world capitalism, others think the country's manic economic growth will kill us all. And while some welcome China's 'hands-off' approach to global affairs, others point to Beijing's economic support of some of the world's worst regimes. This month we take a critical look at China's global reach.








2 Letters

4 Made in China
Chris Richards meets 'Capi-communism' - the Chinese version of capitalism that's plundering Papua New Guinea.

8 The Cultural Crusades
Throw away the guns. Nick Young reports on the conquering power of Chinese culture.

10 Confucius goes to Chile
Lezak Shallat discovers why Latin Americans are learning Chinese.

11 On the world's factory floor
Facts and figures about China's growth and what it costs.

12 Breath of the dragon
China's aid and arms are promoting one party governments, argues Rebecca Tinsley.

14 Hu's who
A guide to who's running the show in China.

16 The yuan plays the dollar
Egyptian economist Gouda Abdel-Khalek talks with Rowenna Davis about China's political plays in the Middle East.

18 The next dynasty
Resource wars? Climate armageddon? What business-as-usual in China will mean for the rest of the world.

20 Wheel back the factories
Chinese investors may bring manufacturing back to the West, discovers Libby Tucker.


21 You are being watched
Police surveillance and intimidation of political activists is hitting new heights. Olly Zanetti dodges the long lenses to expose Big Brother's latest attack on the right to protest.


25 Currents
Building a wall around Rio slums; the manipulation of the media in Belarus; and the Kenyan Government's shocking human rights record.

27 Only Planet
The rich person's meat is Gort and Klaatu's poison.

28 Big Bad World
Our children's inheritance, by Polyp.
PLUS: NI Prize Crossword

29 Making Waves
Iraqi filmmaker Mohamed Al-Daradji talks to Ed Stocker about the difficulties of making movies in his homeland.

30 Mixed Media
A sports film with a difference; an indigenous rocker shows his softer side; and a selection of post-election South African reading.

32 Southern Exposure
Khaled Hasan captures life working in Bangladesh's brickfields.

33 View from Bulawayo
Back in the country after a two-month trip, Mgcini Nyoni is shocked to see the fear and hunger of his fellow-Zimbabweans.

34 Essay: A remarkable failure
Drug prohibition doesn't work. Time to legalize instead, argues Rachel Godfrey Wood.

36 Country Profile: Trinidad & Tobago





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From this month's theme

- Made in China (NI p4-7)

- On the world's factory floor (NI p11)
- The next dynasty (NI p18-19)

- The Cultural Crusades (NI p8-10)
- Breath of the dragon (NI p12-13)
- Hu's who (NI p14-15)

From Special Features and other articles
- You are being watched (NI p21-24)
- Taken for a bride (Children's Rights) (NI p25)
- A pressing issue (Media) (NI p26)
- Cargill exposed (Food Security) (NI p26)

This month's Japanese organizations at a glance
- Japan Yunan Friendship Association
- Green Earth Center


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