December 2009
Welcome to Copenhagen! - The Great Climate Sale


As government negotiators, corporate lobbyists, NGOs and protesters all gear up for the biggest international climate jamboree of all time, the NI asks: should we believe the hype?

Is the Cop 15 UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen this December really our last chance to save the planet? Is there any hope of getting a deal that can deliver climate justice to the world's poor, or has the UN process become a dangerous distraction from the real challenge of a rapid transition away from fossil fuels? And, if the latter is true, what should we do about it?

As activists deliberate over whether to shut negotiators in until they've made a breakthrough, or whether to shut the whole show down, cartoonist Marc Roberts beams inquisitive aliens Gort and Klaatu down to commentate on the 'Copenhagen slam-down - a night of bone-crushing, planet-trashing, wrestling mayhem'.








2 Letters

3 Letter from Cairo
An overseas trip lets Maria Golia see her hometown in a new light.

4 In our hands
Will the Copenhagen conference deliver effective action on climate change? Not a chance, argues Jess Worth. So what's the alternative?

6 Gort and Klaatu's International Climate Slam-Down
Cartoonist Marc Roberts beams his inquisitive aliens down to commentate on 'a night of bone-crushing, planet-trashing, wrestling mayhem'.

14 Bond aid
Copenhagen is not the only game in town. There are other ideas for how to keep fossil fuels in the ground. The NI catches up with one of the boldest: Ecuador's Yasuni initiative.

16 Taking care of business
Corporations have taken over the climate agenda. Oscar Reyes reveals who, how and why.

19 Don't just sit there!
The NI guide to how you can take action for climate justice, whether you're in Copenhagen, in a major city or online.


21 We are millions
The MST (Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra - Brazil's landless people's movement) - has been described as the world's most dynamic social movement. Gibby Zobel joins in its 25th anniversary celebrations and explains why its existence is more important than ever.


25 Currents
Bhopal 25 years on; a bitter harvest for Palestinians; and Maasai being kicked off their land in Tanzania.

28 Big Bad World
Polyp's climate change-o-meter.
PLUS: NI Prize Crossword.

29 Worldbeaters
Daniel Ortega, revolutionary hero turned renegade President.

30 Mixed Media
From sticky lambing to petcrucifixion-by-scissor in this month's films; the indefatigable rapper Sister Fa; plus a family, a ram and Saddam in Rodaan Al Galidi's compelling novel.

32 Southern Exposure
GMB Akash photographs children being children at a dump yard in Bangladesh.

33 View from Vancouver
A meeting of the Word Psychiatric Association provides food for thought for Joanna Cheek.

34 Essay: Rescuing Socialism
A red-green revival is possible, argues Jeremy Seabrook.

36 Country profile: Eritrea





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From this month's theme

- In our hands (NI p4-5)

- Gort and Klaatu's International Climate Slam-Down (NI p6-12)
- Big Bad World (NI p28)

- Taking care of business (NI p16-18)

From Special Features and other articles
- Droning on (NI p25)
- Watching the weather (NI p26)

This month's Japanese organizations at a glance
MAKE the RULE Campaign


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