March 2010
Globalization on the what's to smile about?


There's a kind of hush where once the praises of corporate globalization sounded most loudly. An Unholy Trinity - the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the World Trade Organization - sulks in its sanctuary, chanting an orthodoxy that no longer exists. Praying for business as usual in the corridors of power will never restore the myth of a selfcorrecting free market. High finance, the biggest of the winners from corporate globalization, over-inflated this false belief and then blew itself to bits, as if by accident. So in this issue, the New Internationalist asks what remains and who's left to clear up the mess. As national 'taxpayers' - that's the rest of us, citizens - find themselves footing the bill into the indefinite future, the time has surely come to make way for more just and democratic systems - and a new internationalism. Fresh signs of life now spring most vigorously from a growing awareness that the Earth is not a toy boardroom globe but an endangered habitat that lives or dies by its intricate diversity, in a shared climate that's changing beyond all recognition.








2 Letters

3 Letter from Cairo
A trip to the pedicurist reveals the changing face of Egypt's middle class to Maria Golia.

4 Globalization on the rocks
David Ransom argues that a corporate shipwreck lies behind the collapse of financial markets.

8 Deglobalization - reflections of a Filipino MP
For a decade Walden Bello has known what really has to be done.

10 Transition towns - the art of resilience
Setting out towards a post-corporate, post-carbon world - Rowenna Davis reports.


14 Downside up
The upside of markets that failed, suggests Indian economist Jayati Ghosh, is the chance to do better.

16 Crisis, crash, crunch - the lowlights
A sorry saga since corporate globalization got going in 1971.

18 Getting a grip on democracy
Richard Swift finds some traces in Egypt and Latin America.

20 Connections
Books, websites, contacts.


21 To live...
New hope for international action on global warming has come from Bolivia, where President Evo Morales is convening a People's World Conference on Climate Change. Vanessa Baird reports on a multifaceted initiative.

25 Currents
A smart recycling project from some entrepreneurial Egyptians; biofuels threaten agricultural land in Africa; and why microfinance isn't always a good thing.

27 Only Planet
A taste of McIrony in Marc Roberts' cartoon.

28 Big Bad World
Creative destruction? in Polyp's cartoon.
PLUS: NI Prize Crossword

29 Worldbeaters
Trigger-happy Taser International under the spotlight.

30 Mixed Media
Connivance between industry and government affects both our food and our health, according to two of this month's films. Plus the US Left quakes at the thought of Palin in power in Going Rouge.

32 Making Waves
Somaly Mam has experienced the horrors of sexual slavery. She is now fighting to ensure other young women don't.

33 View from Istanbul
Azad Essa meets a man who has dedicated his life to restoring books.

34 Southern Exposure
Smita Barooah Sanyal photographs women at work.

36 Country profile: Solomon Islands





NI Japan




From this month's theme

- Globalization on the rocks (NI p4-7)

- Deglobalization - reflections of a Filipino MP (NI p8-9)
- THE FACTS (NI p12)

- Transition towns - the art of resilience (NI p10-11)

From Special Features and other articles
- To live... (NI p22-23)
- Yasuni RIP? (NI p26)
A Report from NI Japan
- Need help by the Japanese people for Yasuni
(Reporting from the speech of Delfa Mantilla, Jubilee Ecuador)

This month's Japanese organizations at a glance
Transition Japan
Association of Citizens for International Solidarity Taxes (ACIST)


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