May 2010
Iraq: Seven years later - the legacy of invasion


Seven years after the Anglo-American invasion of Iraq, Hadani Ditmars returns to a land she last visited in 2003. With more than a million people dead in the wake of post-invasion violence, an infrastructure in ruins despite $53 billion in aid, and a corrupt Government whose human rights abuses echo the terror of the Saddam years, the prognosis is bleak.

But there are signs of life amidst the devastation. The national theatre has re-opened, women continue to defy oppressive fundamentalism, and young people dream of a better future, where a renewed sense of national identity trumps sectarian divisions. Join the New Internationalist on a dramatic journey of return.








2 Letters
In defence of flying; why the West must consume less; and missing the point in Israel/Palestine.

4 Iraq in pieces
Hadani Ditmars returns to a country where ongoing conflict underscores a humanitarian disaster.

7 'America, America'
An iconic poem by Iraqi exile Saadi Youssef.

8 The art of survival
In a t-walled Baghdad, the playfs the thing.

11 Hail Mary, full of grace
Beleaguered Christians flee post-secular Iraq.

12 The waiting room
How much longer can Iraqis hold out for decent healthcare?

14 Post-invasion Iraq - the facts

16 'Look sad like an Iraqi woman'
Iraqi women struggle to survive amidst thuggism and theocracy.

18 The power and the glory
Politicians promise a better future, while Iraqis remember a safer past.

20 Further reading


21 Murderers, you are welcome!
Europe has become a safe haven for mass killers. Jean Baptiste Kayigamba wonders whether new legislation will make a difference.

25 Currents
How not to solve India's housing problems; an anti-whaling activist becomes a 'prisoner of war'; and one man's stand against the oil and gas industry.

27 Only Planet
Just what sort of a beast is a human? ask Gort and Klaatu in Marc Roberts' cartoon.

28 Big Bad World
Today's Clark Kent: US superpowers, in Polyp's cartoon.
PLUS: NI Prize Crossword

29 Worldbeaters
Chilean President Sebastian Pinera under the spotlight.

30 Mixed Media
A black and white film that isn't, courtesy of director Lu Chuan; Lierre Keith critiques
vegetarianism in her new book; and Dirtmusic pay homage to Mali.

32 Southern Exposure
Diego Martinez's camera captures the beauty and intensity of a Brazilian festival.

33 Making Waves
Durga Sob, founder of the Feminist Dalit Organization, is fighting discrimination in Nepal.

34 Essay: Empire of the senses
Despite Egypt's social constraints, the sensual will not be denied, argues Yahia Lababidi.

36 Country profile: Sao Tome e Principe





NI Japan




From this month's theme

- Iraq in pieces (NI p4-6)

- Post-invasion Iraq - the facts (NI p14-15)

- The waiting room (NI p12-13)
- The power and the glory (NI p18-20)

From Special Features and other articles
- Murderers, you are welcome! (NI p21-24)
- The great urban juggernaut (NI p25)
- Logging off? (NI p26)
- Gone to bidder 70 (NI p27)

This month's Japanese organizations at a glance
Nippon International Cooperation for Community Development (NICCO)
Japan International Volunteer Center (JVC)
Japan Iraq Medical Network (JIM-NET)


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