June 2010
Deported! - What happened next?


Kicking out asylum seekers and 'illegal' immigrants is a political trump card in the rich West - particularly when there's an election around the corner. Every cutout custodian of democracy wants to talk tough when it comes to these 'undesirables'. The argument is that they have no genuine claim to be in a foreign land and face no threat back home.

The New Internationalist tracks down individuals who have been returned to their countries, and lets them speak for themselves. These are not the stories of spongers and scoundrels, as the rightwing press would have us believe, but of a gross betrayal of human rights and of persecution and desperation that no courtroom could foretell.








2 Letters
In defence of flying; why the West must consume less; and missing the point in Israel/Palestine.

4 Deported - what happened next?
It's time to give a voice to those who are turned back at our borders. Dinyar Godrej explains why.

6 Desperate journey
Emmanuel Njoya was kicked out of Britain and straight back to Cameroon - where he lives in hiding, fearing for his family's life. This is his story.

10 Deportation - in numbers

11 The man in the newspaper
John 'Bosco' Nyombi sought sanctuary in the West from persecution in Uganda - only to spend eight years struggling for his rights.

15 'I was in an art class'
Even the young are not exempt: a Costa Rican schoolgirl recalls the day Canadian immigration officers arrested her.

16 Inequality costs the earth
Greater equality, both between and within nations, would be better for us all - as well as for the planet. Bob Hughes considers the facts.
PLUS Danny Dorling explains how class divisions reinforce social inequality and lower the level of public debate.

22 Field of dreams?
What does this month's soccer World Cup mean for the people of South Africa? A photographic insight into life behind the headlines.

24 Professional hazard: murder
Investigating the truth can be deadly for Russia's journalists, as Tina Burrett discovers.

26 Summit different
After Copenhagen's dismal failure, social movements from all over the world gathered in Bolivia - here's what happened.

28 Currents
Taking on Texaco in Ecuador; giving the lie to geoengineered climate solutions; and antigovernment protests step up a gear in Egypt.

29 Only Planet
Gort and Klaatu try to blend in with humans in Marc Roberts' cartoon.

31 Big Bad World
Polyp's cartoon reveals a very shaky house of cards.
PLUS: NI Prize Crossword.

32 Worldbeaters
'Son of the desert' turned son of steel, Lakshmi Mittal is laughing all the way to the bank.

33 Making Waves
Working for peace: Burundian Pascaline Nsekera helps refugees in Canada, her adopted country.

34 Mixed Media
A look back at 1950s Tehran in Shirin Neshat's visually breathtaking new film; Laurie Anderson's new lament for her homeland; and a book about… stuff.

36 Country profile: Palestine





NI Japan




From this month's theme

- Deported - what happened next? (NI p4-5)

- Desperate journey (NI p6-9)

- The man in the newspaper (NI p11-14)

From Special Features and other articles
- Professional hazard: murder (NI p24-25)
- Hands off our mother! (NI p29)
- Crackdown in Cairo (NI p30)
- New Zealand does the right thing (NI p30)

This month's Japanese organizations at a glance
Ushiku no Kai (People trying to solve problems of Ushiku Detention Center)


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