October 2010
A wake-up call for democracy


The Western model of democracy - with its emphasis on parties and elections - is looking tired, thin and increasingly authoritarian. But alternatives are emerging from below... With the help of Arundhati Roy, Robert Fisk, Caroline Lucas and Raul Zibechi we take an international look at the state of democracy today.







4 Letters
Why curbing economic growth will mean more - not less - work.
Plus: Scratchy Lines by Simon Kneebone.

Making the news this month

6 Is there life beyond Lula?
A look at the options when Brazil's charismatic president steps down.

9 Climate action back on the agenda
Campaigners get moving after post-Copenhagen hiatus.

Special feature: democracy

10 The beauty of Big Democracy
Vanessa Baird celebrates the joys of disenchantment and the birth of hope.

16 Arundhati Roy - princess to pariah
Arundhati Roy's fierce critiques of Indian democracy have made her public enemy number one. But, argues
Shoma Chaudhury, her story is that of contemporary India itself.

19 We preach democracy yet befriend dictators
We only have ourselves to blame for the Middle East's cynicism, says Robert Fisk.

20 10 ways to kickstart democracy

22 The rising power of slum democracy
'Democracy from below' is sweeping Latin America, with dramatic results, reveals Raúl Zibechi.

25 Applause
Nestléd in controversy: the babymilk boycott saved
many babies’ lives. But there’s still a way to go…

Also in Analysis

26 I put a spell on you...
Zuhra Bahman gives the inside story on how male sorcerers are keeping women down in Afghanistan.

28 Country profile: Ethiopia


30 Is it right to buy or sell human organs?
US psychiatrist Sally Satel goes head-to-head with Jeremy Chapman, President of the Transplantation


34 Nature bounces back
Wildlife-friendly farming is getting results.

33 Puzzle Page
Axe's classic crossword is joined by a wordsearch and 'Sudokey' - a brand new puzzle, exclusive to New Internationalist!

36 Cartoons
Big Bad World, Only Planet, and a new 'Open Window' slot, given to a different Majority World cartoonist every month.

37 Anna Chen
Why do we swoon over cuddly animals?

38 And finally...
Benjamin Zephaniah on inspiration, regret and the inadequacies of twitter.





NI Japan




From this month's theme

- The beauty of big democracy (NI p10-15)

- 10 ways to kickstart democracy (NI p20-21)
- The rising power of slum democracy (NI p22-24)

- We preach democracy yet befriend dictators (NI p19)

From Special Features and other articles
- Teachers and students under attack (NI p7)
- Central America becomes landmine-free (NI p8)
- Nestléd in controversy (NI p25)
- Conflict kitchen makes food, not war (NI p35)

This month's Japanese organizations at a glance
Hitori Ippyo Jitsugen Kokuminn Kaigi (People's assembly to achieve one vote equality)


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