November 2010
Humans vs. Nature


The Aral Sea has come back to life. What was once dried-out beds and super saline water incapable of sustaining life is now a thriving ecosystem again. Our report from Kazakhstan demonstrates how environmental destruction can be turned around. This month also includes: words not action from BP after the disastrous Deepwater Horizon oil spill; can eco-crimes be brought to trial before the International Criminal Court?







4 Letters
Western nations' contempt for democracy.
Plus: Scratchy Lines by Simon Kneebone.

Making the news this month

6 We need to bust the pendulum, not see how it swings!
Our new columnist Mark Engler considers the impact of the US midterm elections.

8 Koreans brace themselves for the G20 travelling roadshow
Protestors are planning a memorable welcome for the men (and women) in suits.


10 Vedanta undermined!
Victory for the hill tribes of India in a David and Goliath battle.

Special feature: Humans vs. Nature

11 The need for reconnection
We are agents of great change, says Dinyar Godrej, but can we also change direction?

12 A sea returns to life, a sea slowly dies
Paul Lauener's stirring report from the Aral Sea, scene of both environmental miracle and disaster.

16 That petrol emotion
Adam Ma'anit peers beyond the smoke and mirrors at BP's 'clean up' of the Gulf of Mexico.

19 Stopping the juggernaut
Put environmental villains in the dock, says campaigner Polly Higgins.

21 Puzzle Page

Also in Analysis

22 A day in the life - with interest
How Burma's urban poor survive in a world without banks.

25 Southern Exposure
Daniel Patiño Flor captures a moment of relaxation in Ecuador.

26 Thirst for justice
The legacy of Agent Orange.

28 Country profile: Georgia


30 Are cuts in public services justified?
Banker Dan Mobley goes head to head with tax justice campaigner John Christensen. What do you think? Join the debate by visiting
Plus: what you have to say about last month's debate on the controversial trade in human organs..


34 Community occupies land near Heathrow
From wasteland to eco-village - Russ McPherson visits the Hounslow Community Land Project.
Plus: There's a hole in my cabbage... Anna Weston on why she's happy with imperfect veg.
Cleaner cooking in India thanks to a fuel-efficient stove.

36 Cartoons
Big Bad World, Only Planet and a guest cartoonist from Cuba/Brazil.

37 Anna Chen
Why are we dancing round reality?

38 And finally...
What makes Margaret Atwood tick?





NI Japan




From this month's theme

- The need for reconnection (NI p11)

- A sea returns to life, a sea slowly dies (NI p12-15)
- That petrol emotion (NI p16-18)
- Stopping the juggernaut (NI p19-20)

From Special Features and other articles

- Cleaner cooking in India (NI p9)
- World unites against the Wall (NI p7)
- Conflict kitchen makes food, not war (NI p35)

This month's Japanese organizations at a glance
Ashio ni Midori wo Sodateru Kai (NPO Grow Green in Ashio)


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