January/February 2011
Corporate lobbying - Who's pushing politicians' buttons?


One oil company alone - Exxon-Mobil - spent $19 million on promoting scepticism about global warming in order to water down any legislation on carbon emissions. A group of banks, headed by Goldman Sachs, has in a similar way fended off tighter controls on derivatives trading, one of the main causes of the 2008 global financial collapse.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. With plenty of parties, politicians and ex-politicians for sale to the highest corporate bidder, what does this tell us about how we are governed? How can people begin to claim power back from the masters of spin, PR and brown paper envelopes? This month's New Internationalist exposes the murky world of corporate lobbying - and suggests what can be done about it.







Making the news this month

6 Haitians look history in the eye

8 Climate criminal Canada sets its sights on Europe

9 Pacific Solution legacy leaves refugees in a legal limbo

Special feature:
corporate lobbying

10 In the halls of shame
Who shapes the policies and laws that govern us? If you think the answer is 'our elected politicians', read on. Vanessa Baird examines the secretive but expanding power of corporate lobbying.

14 Corporate influence - the facts

16 The best influence money can buy
- the 10 Worst Corporate Lobbyists

Dirty cash and dirty tricks - our rogues’ gallery of lobbyists who get governments to dance to the tune of big business. Compiled by Helen Burley and Olivier Hoedeman.


30 Is being vegan the only green option?
Bruce Friedrich of PETA and food author Wayne Roberts debate the best diet for a small planet.
What do you think?
Join the debate by visiting


34 Slow Food delights in a new pleasure principle
Plus: cutting plant miles, and living a fairtrade life.


Regular Features

4 Letters
The Diggers, Deepwater and more on the Nestlé boycott.
Plus: Scratchy Lines by Simon Kneebone.

15 Southern Exposure
Tatiana Cardeal captures a moment of calm on the Rio Negro.

22 Mark Engler
The hole in America's middle.

23 Arts
The best of 2010.

24 Profile
Leading voice for indigenous rights, Hugo Blanco.

27 Applause
Physicians for Human Rights Israel, winners of the 'Alternative Nobel Prize'.

28 Country profile: Guinea-Bissau

33 Puzzle Page

36 Cartoon corner
Big Bad World, Only Planet and guest cartoonist Rajesh KC from Nepal.

37 Letter from Cairo
Maria Golia gets a crash course in vermin control.

38 And finally...
Susan George explains why the financial crisis is a moral crisis.




NI Japan




From this month's theme

- In the halls of shame (NI p10-13)
- Corporate influence - the facts (NI p14)
- The best influence money can buy - the 10 Worst Corporate Lobbyists (NI p16-21)

From Special Features and other articles

- 'Champion of the earth' fails indigenous communities (NI p7)
- Cut those 'plant miles'! (NI p34)
- And finally... Susan George interview (NI p38

This month's Japanese organizations at a glance
No! to Nukes and Missile Defense Campaign <blog> <website>


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