March 2011
Up in arms - How the financial crisis sparked a wave of popular protest


One oil company alone - Exxon-Mobil - spent $19 million on promoting scepticism about global warming in order to water down any legislation on carbon emissions. A group of banks, headed by Goldman Sachs, has in a similar way fended off tighter controls on derivatives trading, one of the main causes of the 2008 global financial collapse.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. With plenty of parties, politicians and ex-politicians for sale to the highest corporate bidder, what does this tell us about how we are governed? How can people begin to claim power back from the masters of spin, PR and brown paper envelopes? This month's New Internationalist exposes the murky world of corporate lobbying - and suggests what can be done about it.







Making the news this month

6 International Women's Day special
- women in power and a report from Gaza.

8 Choppy waters
- exploitation of Western Sahara's fish stocks.

9 Nuclear sell-out
- villagers stand firm against the Indian government.

Special feature:
Global economic crisis

10 The Great Rebellion
The Great Recession may have stunned the Minority World, but the Majority World has survived more or less unscathed. David Ransom investigates why, and traces the outlines of a future that might just be worth having.

17 Bomb drops on Indian countryside
India may be one of the world's current economic 'winners' but inequality is its
fastest-growing sector, reveals Jaideep Hardikar.

18 2010: the year of defiance
From Egypt to Romania, Colombia to China, resistance to 'austerity' has been raging around the world.

20 Silent Majority World no more
How have ordinary citizens in Latin America, Africa and Asia experienced the global financial crisis?

22 Action
Join the Great Rebellion!


30 Is it ok for protesters to damage property?
Seasoned activists Philippe Duhamel and Merrick Godhaven go head-to-head on this divisive issue.


34 Honeybees get a helping hand
Plus: green-fingered gatherings, and the right way to dispose of mobile phones.


Regular Features

4 Letters
Junk food, human depravity and the army's carbon footprint.
Plus: Scratchy Lines by Simon Kneebone.

23 Making Waves
Interview with Parvin Ardalan who is at the heart of the struggle for women's rights in Iran.

24 Interview
Judge Murray Sinclair, working with Canada's Truth and Reconciliation Commission to heal a century of trauma for the indigenous community.

26 Mark Engler
Overcoming empire is not a spectator sport.

27 Applause
Avaaz, the largest global movement on the web, is giving the world a voice.

28 Country profile: Samoa

33 Puzzle Page

36 Cartoon corner
Big Bad World, Only Planet and guest cartoonist Farid Ben Morsli from Algeria.

37 Letter from Cairo
Maria Golia and the revolt that was a long time coming.

38 And finally...
Looking in from the outside of things, novelist Jackie Kay.




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From this month's theme

- The Great Rebellion (NI p10-16)

- Bomb drops on Indian countryside (NI p17)
- 2010: the year of defiance (NI p18-19)
- Silent Majority World no more (NI p20-21)

From Special Features and other articles

- International Women's Day special (NI p6)
- Honeybees get a helping hand (NI p34)
- Nuclear sell-out (NI p9)


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