May 2011
Climate change denial - Busting the myths


How does one counter the passionate intensity of those who laugh at the very idea of human-induced climate change? In this month’s New Internationalist author and climate campaigner Danny Chivers guides us through their well-worn arguments and provides the state-of-the-science answers we all wish we had close to hand when dealing with sceptics.







Making the news this month

6 Killing rhinos to 'cure' cancer
9 Boats set sail to aid Gaza
10 Nuclear debate intensifies post-Fukushima

Special feature: climate deniers

12 Switching off denial - a guide
How do you respond to people in climate denial? Danny Chivers offers a step-by-step guide to rebutting the most common arguments against climate change.

20 Climate change - the key facts

21 A spotter's guide to climate denial

Also in Analysis
22 Fracking the world
Hydraulic fracturing, or 'fracking' - Big Oil's newest way to extract natural gas from an exhausted planet – comes with a terrible environmental price tag. Joyce Nelson digs deeper.

32 Is talking to the Taliban a betrayal of Afghanistan's women?
Orzala Ashraf and Michael Semple, both passionate workers for peace, have very differing points of view.

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25 Sharing the bounty
Anna Weston discovers that urban landscapes can provide an abundance of free fruit.
Plus: yarn bombing, a positive form of 'global warming'.


Regular Features

4 Letters
Destructive assimilation policies, hope for humanity, and why we shouldn't tar all conspiracy theorists with the same brush.
Plus: Scratchy Lines by Simon Kneebone.

24 Applause
Revolutionary socialist Gigi Ibrahim has been tweeting for social revolution.

26 New book
Compulsive rambler Mark Thomas walks the line along the notorious Israeli Separation Barrier.

29 Mark Engler
Are the rich winning the class war?

30 Country profile: India

35 Puzzle Page

36 Cartoon corner
Big Bad World, Only Planet and guest cartoonist Mohammad Saba'aneh from Palestine.

37 Letter from Cairo
After the euphoria, reality is beginning to bite, says Maria Golia.

38 And finally...
Award-winning author Monica Ali reveals why feminism and Princess Diana are on her mind just now.




NI Japan




From this month's theme

- Switching off denial - a guide (NI p12-19)

- Climate change - the key facts (NI p20)
- A spotter's guide to climate denial (NI p21)
- Cartoon corner: Big Bad World (NI p36)

From Special Features and other articles

- Killing rhinos to 'cure' cancer (NI p6)
- Boats set sail to aid Gaza (NI p9)
- 'We will never clean shit again!' (NI p11)
- Crafting a more beautiful society (NI p25)

Reporting from Japan
An example of disinformation from climate change denial books.


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