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June 2011
The Far Right gets respectable


Anti-immigrant parties and ultra-right populists have moved into the mainstream - legitimized in countries once proud of tolerance and diversity. If we are to tackle the growth of the far right, there must be an entire culture shift in the way the West views its minority communities and a 'retoxification' of extremist parties. This month New Internationalist looks at how this might happen.







Making the news this month

7 Ollanta and Keiko showdown
Peru's presidential run-off heats up.
8 Turkey: a political milestone for Kurdish voices
10 The scandal of Canada's 4,000 'disposable' women

Special feature: the rise of the far right

12 Eyes to the far right
Extremists have been making inroads across Europe with a sanitized version of some very dirty politics. K Biswas looks into the heart of the beast.

16 Tea and paranoia
Politicians in the US and Australia play the anti-immigration card.

Also in Analysis
19 The A word
Uri Gordon offers insight into what anarchism - a word bandied about carelessly by the press - really means.
22 Holidays in Rwanda
Ten years after fleeing his home country, Jean Kayigamba makes an emotional return.

28 One bright spark
Ursula Sladek's mission to green German power.
Plus: John Jordan and Isa Fremeaux face their first Utopian hurdle.

32 Is nuclear power necessary for a carbon-free future?
Environmentalists Chris Goodall and Jose Etcheverry argue for and against.

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Regular Features

4 Letters
China's progress, Australia’s Gulag, and equality in Canada.
Plus: Scratchy Lines by Simon Kneebone.

25 Mark Engler
There are no palm trees in Wisconsin - but there's a red-faced newsreader at Fox News.

26 Worldbeater
Syria's ruling al-Assad family.

27 Southern Exposure
A glimpse of Guatemala by Linda Morales.

30 Country profile: Haiti

35 Puzzle Page

36 Cartoon Corner
Polyp's Big Bad World, Marc Roberts' Only Planet and guest cartoonist Orlando Cuéllar from Colombia.

37 Letter from Cairo
Maria Golia's tailor has the currency markets stitched up.

38 And finally...
This is a time for new dreams, explains award-winning Ben Okri.




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From this month's theme

- Eyes to the far right (NI p12-18)

- Tea and paranoia (NI p16-17)

From other articles

- Peacekeeping forces fail to protect Congolese (NI p10)
- One bright spark (NI p28)
- A great local give-way (NI p29)

- The A word (NI p19-21)
- Holidays in Rwanda (NI p22-24)


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