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October 2011

Nature's defenders
- Can indigenous people save the planet?


The race is on to exploit the planet's dwindling resources - minerals, oil, water - as fast and rapaciously as possible. This iscausing toxic pollution, adding to global warming and threateningthe lives and livelihoods of those living closest to nature.

Holding the frontline are indigenous people - especially those of the Amazon. We visit Peru, where a rebellion of nature'sdefenders is taking hold and challenging both governments and corporations.

They are fighting for more than just themselves...







Making the news this month

6 Indonesia's forgotten massacre
7 Waste water farm tames 'the garbage monster'
plus Shack-dwellers' victory
8 Still no real justice for Afghan women
9 Spain's slow-burning revolution
10 The population time bomb: hoax or horror?
11 Who is to blame for the Somali famine?

Special feature: Indigenous people vs corporate power

12 Nature's defenders
Vanessa Baird introduces a clash that is becoming increasingly heated - and relevant.

14 At your peril
Peru’s Asháninka people take on the dam builders to save Pakitzapango.

19 Meet the defenders
Profiling environmental champions who don't buy Western ideas of development.

22 Avatar for real
From Canada to Congo, from India to Australia, indigenous communities are fighting for their lives and livelihoods.

24 Agro si! Mina no!
When the people of Peru's southern Andes arose to defend farming and oppose mining.

28 A different imagination
Opening up the space in our minds. Vanessa Baird concludes this special report.
Plus ACTION contacts and information.


32 Should there be a maximum wage?

Faiza Shaheen and Max Wind-Cowie go head to head.

What do YOU think? Join the debate by visiting

Regular Features

4 Letters
Missing eucalyptus, mother-fracking, bringing men out of their macho silence and why the Berlin Wall was good for stability.
Plus: Scratchy Lines by Simon Kneebone.

29 Applause
Self-adjusting glasses - so simple.

30 Country profile: The Gambia

35 Puzzle Page

36 Cartoon Corner
Polyp’s Big Bad World, Marc Roberts' Only Planet and guest cartoonist Eray Özbek from Turkey.

37 Letter from Cairo
Love is hard in a city slum, writes Maria Golia.

38 And finally...
Faithless guitarist David Randall on why all music is political.




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From this month's theme

- Nature's defenders (NI p12-13)
- At your peril (NI p14-18)
- Meet the defenders (NI p19-21)
- Avatar for real (NI p22-23)
- A different imagination (NI p28)

From other articles

- Self-adjusting glasses (NI p29)
- Still no real justice for Afghan women (NI p8)
- The population time bomb: hoax or horror? (NI p10)
- Who is to blame for the Somali famine?
(NI p11)


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