January / February 2012

Haiti, two years on


What has happened in Haiti since the departure of the massed ranks of the global media that reported on the earthquake? The tent cities are still in place and the people in them feel forgotten by the outside world.

To mark the second anniversary of the devastating earthquake, New Internationalist has joined forces with Cartoon Network and a leading Haitian journalist and artist to present an insight into life in Port-au-Prince now - in the form of a graphic novella.


今回のNIは、Cartoon Networkとの協力で、現地のジャーナリストとアーティストと共に、ハイチの今を劇画という形で報告する。







Making the news this month

6 Are Burma's reforms for real?
7 As ANC turns 100, critics slam 'neo-apartheid'
8 Malawi battles for press freedom
9 Why cross-border electrics are not such a bright ideas

11 Best of 2011
Our pick of the year's films, books and music.
PLUS: Sensuous sax from Rudresh Mahanthappa; Hollywood glamorizes the fall of Lehman Brothers in Margin Call; and high praise for The Buddha in the Attic, an extraordinary novel about a group of Japanese mail-order brides.

Special feature:
Haiti two years on

16 Beyond relief, beyond belief
Haiti is not just recovering from the earthquake but from the political and economic interventions of recent decades, as Phillip Wearne explains.
PLUS Timeline: Haiti in history

22 Tents beyond tents
A cartoon introduction to life in the camps in and around Port-au-Prince, by Jean Phares Jerome and Chevelin Pierre.

28 Occupied again
The first independent country of the Americas - but, Eduardo Galeano asks, will Haiti ever be free?

30 Where did all the money go?
Nick Harvey assesses the work of NGOs and UN agencies that have been trying to rebuild Haiti.

Regular Features
4 Letters
Tone it down, NI! Plus more on the Big Bad World controversy, and praise for Daniel Ortega.
PLUS: Scratchy Lines by Simon Kneebone.

10 Applause: Gush Shalom
Alasdair Soussi talks to Adam Keller of the Israeli human rights movement.

33 Letter from Cairo
The future is unknown, but we can learn on the job, says Maria Golia.

34 Country profile: Papua New Guinea

36 Cartoon Corner Special
Following the furore that surrounded Polyp's cartoon in our November issue, Sarah Colborne from the Palestine Solidarity Campaign explains some of the key issues that lay behind the storm of protest.

37 Puzzle Page

38 Steve Parry
The nightmare on Downing Street.

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