March 2012

Game over! - Time for a fair economy


Now that would be a fine thing... but seriously, as economies flounder, austerity bites and feral capitalism continues to make fortunes for some, while generating fear and poverty for millions more, is it possible to create an economy that is fair and sustainable?

What will it take to reform finance, to bridge the growing inequality gap and to protect the planet from the actions of the filthy and the rich?

We tackle this, and other, thorny matters in this month's New Internationalist.










Making the news this month

6 The Kremlin beckons, but Putin's star is fading
7 Blue bras and mettle: Egypt's women stand their ground
8 Brute forces: a year of rough injustice
9 Money talks- so make yours walk
10 Positive stories this month

11 Festival of respect
Claire Colley visits Rajasthan's International Folk Festival.
PLUS: A painfully beautiful album from Herman van Veen and Edith Leerkes brings to life poems from the past; the unsentimental and unsettling film The Kid With A Bike; and a look at Libya: From Colony to Revolution by Ronald Bruce St John.

Special feature:
Time for a fair economy

16 Put equality first
Both inequality and economic instability are growing. How deep does the connection go? wonders Vanessa Baird.

20 Economy and Equality– THE FACTS

23 Is the Green New Deal a dead duck?
Zoe Cormier checks the pulse of the big idea for tackling our economic and environmental woes.

26 What the squid did next
They say that US investment bank Goldman Sachs runs the world. Kenneth Haar investigates just how it's wrapping its tentacles around the heart of Europe.

28 Getting there- a roadmap
…for a fair economy

Regular Features
4 Letters
Ending conflict in Colombia; a pacifist in the arms trade; and why Britain's treatment of asylum seekers makes one Scot want to up sticks.
PLUS: Scratchy Lines by Simon Kneebone.

32 Letter from Botswana
New columnist Lauri Kubuitsile introduces dry and dusty Mahalapye- a town that has stolen her heart.

33 Mark Engler
Obama's broken resolutions may come back to haunt him this election year.

34 Country profile: Kyrgyzstan

36 Cartoon Corner
Polyp's Big Bad World, Marc Roberts' Only Planet and guest cartoonist Elena Ospina from Colombia.

37 Puzzle Page

38 Josie Long
The comedian and writer on her political awakening, and why going to Glastonbury is not political activism.

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