April 2012

Adapting to Climate Change


Crab fattening, saline-tolerant rice and floating gardens are some of the ingenious ways that Bangladeshis are adapting to the impacts of a warming world. Its population of 160 million is squashed into a low-lying river basin, exposed to rising sea levels, fierce storms and frequent floods. Next month's New Internationalist travels to South Asia to find out how communities with limited means are struggling to cope.








Making the news this month

6 Putting the 'I' in ecocide

7 Act against ACTA

8 Kimberley Process 'whitewashes' blood diamonds

9 Lax law could kill human guinea pigs

10 News in brief this month

PLUS Open Window guest cartoonist Crazy Crab from China.

11 Home will never look the same again
Horatio Morpurgo discovers filmmaker Patrick Keiller's unusual way of seeing the world.
PLUS: Vocal magic from Hyperpotamus, Le Havre's modernday fairy story, and the personal and political melded in Naomi Benaron's debut novel set in Rwanda.

Special feature:
Adapt or die

16 Ready or not
Melting glaciers to the north, rising seas to the south. Can Bangladesh adapt to a warming world? Hazel Healy travelled there to find out.

19 Why climate change poses a major threat for Bangladesh- THE FACTS

25 Adaptable by nature
The most vulnerable, the best prepared. Portraits of the inhabitants of the Jamuna river islands of northwest Bangladesh.

28 Moves to climate-proof the planet
From air-conditioned bus stops in Dubai to Meat Safety Net programmes in Kenya: what the rest of the world is doing to defend against global warming.

30 The great climate exodus
Bangladeshis are melting away from the coast as habitats degrade. Hazel Healy finds new arrivals struggling to adjust to life in Dhaka, the world’s fastest-growing megacity.

Regular Features
4 Letters
The challenge of uncomfortable facts; Australia's role in PNG's independence; and buying a new suit for the sake of it.
PLUS: Scratchy Lines by Simon Kneebone.

33 Letter from Botswana
Beauty contests are now big business, but have lost their appeal for Lauri Kubuitsile.

34 Country profile: Zambia

36 Puzzle Page

37 Mark Engler
The unpalatable reality of working in the iPad empire.

38 Josie Long
Being nice and doing good- what's offensive in that?
PLUS: Marc Roberts' Only Planet cartoon.

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