May 2012

Mental health - Looking beyond the pills
メンタルヘルス ― 薬に頼らない社会へ


The narrative of mental distress and illness often focuses on the individual: it is they who have a problem and they who must work on their recovery. Yet the anxieties that trigger many mental disorders often arise from the social and economic conditions people find themselves in. While the sale of psychiatric drugs rockets, no pill exists yet to treat fragmented communities or the social ravages of greed-based economies. Next month’s New Internationalist argues the case for restoring social health as an essential part of the mental health discussion. And there’s a welcome return for popular author John F Schumaker, who explains why living in a material world is driving us to distraction.

精神的苦痛や精神障害に関する話題では、個人に焦点が当てられることが多い。いわく、彼らが問題を抱えている、彼ら自らが回復のために取り組まなければならない、などだ。しかし、多くの精神障害の引き金となる不安は、人々が暮らす社会的あるいは経済的な状況が原因であることが多い。抗精神病薬の売り上げは急伸しているが、ばらばらになったコミュニティーや強欲を規範とした経済による社会的荒廃を治す薬はいまだに存在していない。来月のNIでは、メンタルヘルス(心の健康)に関する議論に欠かせない要素として、ソーシャルヘルス(社会の健康)の回復について探る。また、この分野でよく知られているJohn F Schumakerが、物質的な世界に住むことがいらいらをつのらせる理由を説明する。







Making the news this month

6 Eurovision re-opens old wounds in the Caucasus

7 Eritrea is a cynic's paradise

8 Happy Meals™ for victims of stop and search

9 Tuaregs hard hit by Mali conflict

10 News in brief this month

PLUS Open Window guest cartoonist Mohamed Sabra from Egypt.

Mixed Media
11 Indian skin, Albion voice

With Britain approaching Jubilee June, a reinterpretation of 'Englishness' from musician Bishi is timely, says Louise Gray.
PLUS: Solomon Islands band Narasirato introduce us to the thong-o-phone; a quiet revolution in the making in Money as Debt III; and Escape from Camp 14 - a remarkable insight into life in a North Korean labour

The Big Story -
Mental Health
16 A healthy mind in a healthy society
Mental health shouldn’t just be about individuals;
we need strong communities too. Dinyar Godrej makes the case.

20 Mental Health - THE FACTS

22 Tears are good medicine
Young First Nations people in Manitoba tackle their number one problem - suicide among their peers. Janet Nicol reports.

26 Our trauma is not your trauma
The past is always present for Burmese refugees in Thailand. Nick Harvey witnesses health workers adapt their approach to this reality.

28 Unbound
Liberating communities from prejudice in Ghana, by Peter Yaro.

30 Utopia or bust
Consumer culture is collective insanity, says John F Schumaker.

4 Letters
PLUS: Scratchy Lines by Simon Kneebone.

33 Letter from Botswana
Football fever gives Lauri Kubuitsile reason to hope.
34 Country profile: Guatemala
36 Making Waves
Tom Kocherry, fisher for justice.
37 Puzzle Page
38 And finally...
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange on being, rather than making, the news.

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