June 2012

Rio+20 - who owns the green economy?

Rio+20 ― 誰がグリーン・エコノミーを支配するのか?


Twenty years ago the world met in Rio to save the planet - with mixed results. Next month sees a major re-gathering - ‘Rio+20: UN Conference on Sustainable Development’ - which might decide a new course. The event is set to be heated and contentious. On the one side, corporations and the UN will be pushing a new ‘Green Economy’ agenda that emphasizes economic growth, technology and market-based approaches. On the other, indigenous groups and many Nose from both North and South will be promoting a human - and nature - rights agenda that calls for a radical shift away from privatizing and commodifying the natural environment and towards protecting the global commons. What are we to make of it all?

This month’s New Internationalist guides us through the thicket. It also features - Eight Great Greenwashers. Which corporations and institutions are best at twisting the eco-agenda to boost their profits?









Making the news this month

6 US denies safe haven to Mexico's drug war refugees

7 Torture recompense comes to Kenyans

8 Feminists target Nike ahead of the Olympics

9 Hungary's cultural purge gathers pace

10 News in brief this month
PLUS - Open Window guest cartoonist Fadi Abou Hassan from Palestine

Mixed Media
11 Neither Allah nor Master

Brave, atheist, female and exiled, Tunisia's Nadia El Fani takes on the establishment.
PLUS: Sex, secrets and Asian British comedy in All in Good Time; wending grooves from Mali's Sidi Toure;
Callum Robert’s crystal-clear Ocean of Life; and Radio Congo by Ben Rawlence.

The Big Story -
Earth Summit 2012
16 Sustainability for sale?
A battle is brewing over the future of global action. Danny Chivers presents the unofficial guide to Rio+20.

20 Tools that might help us -some of the more progressive ideas.

22 Eight Great Greenwashers
Exposing the canny, the crafty and the plain deceitful. Danny Chivers examines the green claims of Shell, Monsanto, Vale and others.

27 The good life is the realistic solution
Indigenous activist Ruth Buendia's take on 'sustainable development'.

32 Letter from Botswana
A new birth offers a sign of hope for Lauri Kubuitsile.

33 Mark Engler
'Tired of burying black boys.'

28 Falling out of love with Israel
Norman Finkelstein believes American Jews are no longer prepared to offer blanket support to Israel. He explains why.

36 A world on workfare
Governments and big business may benefit - but workfare is undermining the labour market, argues Warren Clark.

Regular Features

4 Letters
PLUS: Scratchy Lines by Simon Kneebone.

31 Puzzle Page

34 Country Profile: Cook Islands

38 Making Waves
Bunkr Roy on harnessing granny power.

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