October 2012

The Youth Issue



With the 'one per cent' busy squeezing all they can out of the planet, young people are setting about making sure there's still a future left to inherit. Over the past year, they have led a wave of dissent from Egypt to Canada - whether through 140-character tweets or through mass protests on the street.

In this month's edition we hand over the bulk of our Big Story section to writers aged under 25. Guest-edited by activist Jody McIntyre, the issue explores how young people are engaging with politics. It takes in a whistle-stop tour of youth movements around the world from the 'fedup' in Senegal to the Spanish indignados the worldwide Occupy movement. Elsewhere the tub-thumping victories of the Chilean student movement come in for analysis, we air the frustrations of Linah Alsaafin in the West Bank and have Laurie Penny explain why selling out is no longer an option.

On the cultural front we'll be speaking to hip-hop artist Logic, co-founder of the People's Army ('a movement of like-minded people coming together to create positive change'), and part of a new wave of political rappers in Britain.

Also, musician Akala (Ms Dynamite's younger brother) will be chewing the fat with Afrobeat musician Seun Kuti, the youngest son of Nigerian music legend Fela.


今月のNIでは、特集ページの多くを25歳未満の執筆者に任せることにした。ゲスト編集者として招いた活動家のJody McIntyreが編集する今号では、若者の政治への関わりについて探る。「もうたくさんだ」から世界中に広がる「占拠せよ運動」まで、世界各地の若者の運動を紹介する。

文化活動からは、People's Army(「同じ思いを抱く人々が集まって前向きな変化を生み出そうという運動」)の協同創設者でヒップ・ホップ・アーティストのLogicを取り上げる。また英国からは、政治的ラッパーの中でも新世代のアーティストを紹介する。

そして、ミュージシャンのAkala(Ms Dynamiteの弟)と、アフロビートのミュージシャンのSeun Kuti(ナイジェリアの世界的に有名なFelaの末息子)の対談も掲載する。







6-9 Stories making the news this month, including:
Before and after Belo Monte; playing finance at its own game; Shell's dirty work; bullying and intimidation before Ukraine's elections; and British lawyers on the hunt for clients in Kenya.
PLUS: Scratchy Lines by Simon Kneebone and Reasons to be cheerful.

Mixed Media
28 Film, book and music reviews including:
An unsettling drama set in communist East Germany unfolds in the film Barbara, while Snows of Kilimanjaro is a French tour-de-force; poetic imagery - and a dig at Donald Trump - in Karine Polwart's new album; and a very personal memoir of the Biafran War from acclaimed Nigerian author Chinua Achebe.

The Big Story - Youth
10 The voice of the future
Young people are playing a vital role in a sweeping wave of dissent, says Jody McIntyre.

14 Why selling out is no longer an option
Capitalism's betrayals will cost youth dear. Laurie Penny's call to arms.

16 Revolutionary women
The feminists who don't get air time, by Farah Jassat.

17 Youth - The FACTS

18 Planned fury
Seun Kuti tells Akala why hope is overrated.

20 Shaking up the occupiers
The frustrations of Palestinian youth, voiced by Linah Alsaafin.

22 Youth power
Snapshots from around the world.

24 How to grow a student movement,
Chilean style
Revolutionary student leaders Camila Vallejo and Giorgio Jackson speak with Jody McIntyre.

32 And the birds dropped dead from the sky
Indigenous groups in Guatemala are fighting back against an environmental catastrophe wreaked by a Canadian mining company, as Stephanie Boyd discovers.

36 Australia's disgrace
Holding child asylum-seekers in detention is a controversy largely playing out to media silence. Ollie Milman asks why.

Regular Features
4 Letters

5 Letter from Botswana
Wame Molefhe is proud that Gaborone is her home - despite the reaction of others.

26 Country Profile: South Africa

35 Mark Engler
Can Occupy live to see another birthday?.

33 Mark Engler
Obama: a better adversary.

38 And finally...
Providing a voice for young people - emcee Logic on the importance of hip hop, and of loving what you do.

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