March 2013

What has development done for me?
- Four decades in the life of the world



On the 40th anniversary of its first issue, New Internationalist looks back over the four decades in the life of the world that the magazine has covered. Is the 2013 of privatization, smartphones and debt crisis caused by bankers any better in human terms than the 1970s world of state planning, telexes and debt crisis caused by bankers? How much progress has the human family made in terms of improving life expectancy, challenging poverty and reducing inequality? And whatever happened to the idea of 'world development' that inspired the magazine's founders?

The special issue will also hear from a few of the key individuals featured in the magazine over the years to see what has happened to them since.

創刊40年を記念するこの最初の号では、ニュー・インターナショナリストが取り上げてきた過去40年にわたる世界の様子を振り返る。民営化、スマートフォ ン、銀行が原因の債務危機に覆われている2013年は、国家計画、テレックス、銀行が原因の債務危機に覆われた1970年代のよりもましなのだろうか?  人類は、平均寿命、貧困への取り組み、不平等の縮小において、どれほど進歩したのだろうか? そして、ニュー・インターナショナリストの創設者たちを奮い立たせてきた「世界の開発」という考え方には何が起こったのだろうか?








Stories making the news this month
6 Kenya: highly charged election
6 Syria's diaspora doctors
7 Idle No More in Canada
7 Introducing Park Geun-hye
7 Joining the dots in Oz
8 India: enough is enough
8 Iraq: shields 10 years on
9 Chile's Erin Brockovista
9 Britain: what IF?
PLUS: 40 years ago New Internationalist is born, Scratchy Lines by Simon Kneebone, and Reasons to be cheerful.

Mixed Media
28 Film reviews
Shell, directed by Scott Graham;
Lore, directed by Cate Shortland;
and Compliance directed by Craig Zobel.

29 Music reviews
Eu Preciso de um Liquidificador by Graveola; and Celebrating Subversion by The Anti-Capitalist Roadshow.

30 Book reviews
A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki;
China's Urban Billion by Tom Miller; Politics of Origin in Africa by Morten Bøås and Kevin Dunn; and The Sound of One Hand Killing by Teresa Solana.

31 Also out there - including Nick Cave;
the latest novel from Barbara Kingsolver; and stirring documentary Fire in the Blood.

The Big Story
10 A measure of progress
The founding editor of the New Internationalist, Peter Adamson, looks at how the world has changed since the magazine started – and argues for a new push against inequality.

14 World Progress 1970-2010 - The Facts

16 Where are they now?
Revisiting some of the individuals who have featured in the magazine’s pages over the years: Aminatou Haidar, from Western Sahara; Rigoberta Menchú, from Guatemala;
Noushin Ahmadi Khorasani, from Iran; Mari Marcel Thekaekara, from India; and Domitila Barrios de Chungara, from Bolivia.

20 Liberating the world from development
The idea of 'development' was given a new lease of life by globalization but Wolfgang Sachs argues that it damages both people and the planet.

26 Millennium Development Goals
Eight thematic maps showing how the world is matching up to its 2015 targets.

Regular Features
4 Letters
Wealth is an attitude of mind; more on Monsanto; and I am a New Internationalist – meet subscriber Sheila Tucker.

5 Letter from Botswana
Laughter and tolerance run dry in a land where HIV is still a swear word, says Wame Molefhe.

32 Country Profile: Egypt

38 And Finally
A civil rights activist since the 1960s, Angela Davis has no intention of slowing down now.
She tells Frank Barat what keeps her going.

34 Waiting for Chinggis
Tina Burrett and Christopher Simons travel to Mongolia, where the memory of a warrior-hero is inspiring a nomadic people to fight for their past and their future.


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