May 2013

Land grabs



It's been labelled 'the Earth's final round-up'. Investors are seeking to annex forests and farmland, anticipating food shortages, dwindling oil stocks and poor financial returns elsewhere.

We are four years into the phenomenon. And while the pace has slowed, the global rush for land in the developing world is still on. In this month's issue of New Internationalist, we travel to Mozambique - one of Africa's fastest-growing economies, where the drive to investment is intense. We meet rural communities dispossessed by powerful companies, speak to subsistence farmers at odds with Scandinavian foresters, Indian rice giants and biofuel projects. But, as well as the woes, we will hear about growing South-South resistance to unbalanced deals.

Land grabs lie at the heart of development debates today. Will Majority World nations take the easy option, outsourcing agriculture and buying into the quick-fix private-sector promise to end poverty? Or will they tackle hunger direct, by supporting long-neglected smallholder farmers? Do 'win-win' deals even exist? The path that governments choose will determine whether the peasants of today hold on to community land rights or become landless labourers of the future.



土地収奪は、今日の開発を巡る議論の中心にある。マジョリティー・ワールド(世界の過半数の人々が住む開発途上国)の政府は、農業の外注化、そして貧困を解決するという急場しのぎの約束をする民間セクターを安易に選ぶのだろうか? それとも、長い間顧みられなかった小規模農民たちへの支援を通じ、飢餓問題に直接取り組むのだろうか? はたして、「双方にメリットがある」取引などというものは存在するのだろうか? 農民のコミュニティーの土地の権利が確保されるのか、土地無し労働者が将来増えるのかは、各国政府が選択が決めることになるのだ。







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Land grabs
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