July/August 2014

Meet the new feminists


Feminism is undergoing a renaissance. Young women are at the fore, squaring up to sexism with humour, great bravery and digital tools.

The new feminism is energized, angry and globally connected. Anarchist artists Pussy Riot and 'sextremists' FeMen have blasted into the public consciousness to challenge patriarchy and organized religion, while egyptian women spray-paint their heroines onto walls and Malaysian activists explore the impact of the internet on sexual rights. Mexican women are donning false moustaches to protest unequal representation while elsewhere in Latin America, girls are challenging street harassment by reporting catcalls and uploading incidents on to maps online. Meanwhile in India, women and men have marched in unprecedented numbers to reject sexual violence.

In July/August's edition of New Internationalist we take a look at the long to-do list of 21st-century feminists. What shapes does sexism take around the world? Where have women's rights advanced or been sent into reverse? What opportunities - and challenges - are presented by technology that can enable consciousness-raising on a mass scale? And what risks are run by the women on the frontline?



7/8月合併号のニュー・インターナショナリストでは、21世紀のフェミニストが取り組む必要がある課題について報告する。世界における性差別主義は、今後どうなっていくのか? 世界各地における女性の権利向上の進捗状況はどうなっているのか? 一気に多数の人々の意識に影響を与えられる今日の技術は、どんな機会を、あるいは課題をもたらすのか? そして、最前線で闘う女性たちに対して、どんなリスクに直面しているのかその声を聞いてみよう。







Stories making the news this month
6 Frustration grows among young Saharawi refugees
6 Blazing a web rights trail in Brazil
7 Britain’s citizen scientists unite
7 Introducing Tawakkol Karman
7 Chile’s icy republic
8 The plight of condors in the US
8 Peace at last in the Philippines?
9 Hart Island sorrow
9 Hem to hip
PLUS: Scratchy Lines by cartoonist Simon Kneebone and Reasons to be Cheerful.

The Big Story
Feminist revival
10 Is there a feminist spring?
Women’s liberation is back in vogue – and not a minute too soon, says Hazel Healy.

12 Profiles of groups sticking it to the Man

16 FACTS for feminists
A graphic guide to gains and work-to-do for women’s liberation.

18 Mitts off my muff
An interview with Nimko Ali, an activist revitalizing the fight against Female Genital Mutilation.

20 When rights go wrong
Rahila Gupta explores the perils of states, religion and corporations moving in on women’s rights.

22 Women on the edge of time
Hannah Pool mediates an intergenerational conversation between India’s Kamla Bhasin and London’s Lilinaz Evans.

24 Virtuous woman or raunchy sexpot?
Ikamara Larasi reports from the culture wars frontline.

25 Feminist book club
A recommendation of 10 must-reads to fill the theory gap.

28 ‘We’re fighting for a change’ Brian Fitzpatrick and Michael Norby report from Haiti, where hunger, violence and political turmoil have created a situation dangerously close to boiling point.

Mixed Media

34 Film reviews
Toronto HotDocs Festival special: The Great Invisible by Margaret Brown; Evaporating Borders by Iva Radivojevic; The Ukraine is Not a Brothel by Kitty Green; and Write Down: I am an Arab by Ibitisam
Mar’ana Menuhin.

35 Music reviews
Queen Between by Susheela Raman; Tzenni by Noura Mint Seymali.

36 Book reviews
A Cut-like Wound by Anita Nair; Sworn Virgin by Elvira Dones; The Hidden Light of Objects by Mai Al-Nakib; and The Word Exchange by Alena Graedon.
PLUS: Also out there…

33 Mark Engler
Social change is written in the streets.

32 Kate Smurthwaite
Cupcakes can fuck off .
PLUS: Polyp’s Big Bad World cartoon

4 Letters
Language diversity bad for world harmony; Israel’s drones; and where is Slovakia?

5 Letter from Bangui
The central market is a microcosm of the city’s misery, but also of its glints of hope, discovers Ruby Diamonde.

26 Country Profile: Rwanda

38 And Finally
Eyadou Ag Leche of Malian desert blues band Tinariwen tells Graeme Green about his hopes for an autonomous Tuareg territory.




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