June 2015

Fundamentalism: Power, politics and persuasion

What is the lure of oppressive ideologies when all they achieve is conflict and devastation? This month we look behind the blood-soaked headlines to explain the political motivations of the fundamentalist mind. Articles include reports from Pakistan, where fundamentalist entrenchment is holding civil society hostage, and India, where a hard-line upsurge is being stirred for political gain. There is first-person testimony about the intellectual vandalism of fundamentalist schooling and coverage of how US Christian rightwingers are spreading homophobia in Africa.

抑圧的な思想が争いと荒廃しかもたらさないとしたら、人々はそのどこに引かれるのだろうか? 今月のNew Internationalistでは、血塗られた出来事の裏側を探り、原理主義思想の政治的動機を解明する。今回は、社会に根を張った原理主義者が市民社会の活動を阻害するパキスタンや、急増した強硬派が政治的利益のために揺さぶりをかけているインドからの報告も含む。また、原理主義に基づく学校で起こっている知性への破壊行為を実際に経験した人の証言と、米国のキリスト教右派がアフリカで広める同性愛嫌悪の宣伝手法に関しても報告する。






Stories making the news this month
6 Cementing Gaza’s suffering
6 Sami’s diamond win
7 Change postponed in Togo
7 Introducing Muhammadu Buhari
7 Awards for bigots in Malaysia
8 Canada’s open wound
8 Solar comes to Shatila
9 Global frack-down in Basque Country
9 Thai seafood slaves
PLUS: Scratchy Lines by cartoonist Simon Kneebone and Reasons to be Cheerful.

The Big Story
10 The lure of the dead-end
How do oppressive ideologies take hold despite the devastation they cause? Dinyar Godrej looks behind the news headlines.

15 Take your pick
Ziauddin Sardar on the various fundamentalisms on offer in Pakistan.

18 Captive to their own myths
The upsurge of Hindu nationalism in India, by Urvashi Butalia.

21 The miseducation of Jonny Scaramanga
His escape from fundamentalist schooling.

22 The anti-gay gospel
How foreign funds amplify hate in Uganda, by Patience Akumu.

24 Worshippers of the Almighty Invisible Hand
Robert W Parenteau’s satirical look at true believers in the‘free market’.

28 the Arctic carve-up
Could the next ‘cold’ war be a battle for control of the rapidly melting polar circle? Kyla Mandel reports.

30 Dirty games
Azerbaijan will be showing its friendly face this month as it hosts the European Games. But it’s what is going on behind the scenes that is important, argue Emma Hughes and James Marriott.
Mixed Media
34 Music reviews
From Kinshasa by Mbongwana Star; Delone by Sacri Cuori.

35 Film reviews
The tribe, directed by Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy; The Supreme Price, directed by Joanna Lipper.

36 Book reviews
Don’t Try This At Home by Angela Readman; How Politics Makes Us Sick by Ted Schrecker and Clare Bambra; The Whale House by Sharon Millar; Headscarves and Hymens by Mona Eltahawy.
PLUS: Also out there…

33 Kate Smurthwaite
A sharp kick in the ballots.
PLUS: Polyp’s Big Bad World cartoon.

4 Letters
Printing money; the IQ myth; Iron Man inspiration.

5 Letter from Bangui
Education means learning your rights, not just how to write, says Ruby Diamonde.

26 Country Profile: Burma

32 Making Waves
Bahraini activist Maryam Abdulhadi al-Khawaja smiles in the face of adversity.

38 And Finally
Subi Shah talks to writer and activist Farrukh Dhondy about his time in the Black Panther Movement, multicultural TV and washing his own clothes.




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