July/August 2015

Capitalism - A guide to viable alternatives

This issue calls out an SOS: save our species. Editor Richard Swift believes that in our current political system, this is what is at stake. Not next year, perhaps, or even next decade, but certainly in the foreseeable future we are heading socially and ecologically down a slippery slope - the bottom of which promises a very hard landing. The main villain of the piece is our current system, which is committed to runaway growth based on ecological destruction and levels of social inequality unimaginable just 30 or 40 years ago. SOS is an attempt to help us put on the brakes and show we have other options..

7/8月合併号は、人類の救済(SOS: save our species)を呼びかける内容だ。今回の編集長であるリチャード・スウィフトは、この人類こそが現在の政治システムによって危機に直面している、と考えている。来年や今後10年に起こる話ではないかもしれないが、遠くない将来に人類は、社会的そして生態系的にも危険な坂道を転げ落ちていき、最後にはかなり厳しい状況を迎えることは間違いない。このシナリオに向かう元凶の中心は、暴走する成長を牽引する現在のシステムである。そしてこの成長とは、ほんの30年〜40年前には想像もできなかったレベルの社会的不公正と生態系の破壊の上に成り立っているものだ。SOSは、ブレーキをかけて人類を救う試み、そして人類がほかにも選択肢を持っていることを示すものなのである。






Stories making the news this month
6 Colombia: resistance is fatal
6 Rana Plaza victory in Bangladesh
7 Stop forced closures in Australia
7 Introducing Julius Malema
7 Crack a squat for migrants in Greece
8 Peruvian monkey puzzle solved
8 Drift away from pacifism in Japan
9 Norway’s divestment glory
9 And the worst TNC in New Zealand is…
PLUS: Scratchy Lines by cartoonist Simon Kneebone and Reasons to be Cheerful.

The Big Story
Alternatives to capitalism
10 Capitalism’s stormy sea
Richard Swift begins his journey through the alternatives to capitalism by looking at the nature of the beast they seek to oppose.

12 The people’s flag is deep and red
How have socialism and social democracy worked as alternatives?

15 The anarchist impulse
Anarchism is rarely taken seriously but its libertarian principles are still vital.

18 Eco-divide: this changes everything
Why the environmental crisis is as much a challenge to the Left as it is to the Right.

20 ENDGAME: the age-old struggle played out as chess.

22 Pathways & possibilities
Utopianism of the spirit; a democratic commons; a continent turns left; a reciprocal economy.

27 What should we stand for?.

30 Safe but not free
Valeska Hovener and Marielle van Uitert hear how two Afghan women who have fled family abuse are learning to move on.

Mixed Media
32 film reviews
Toronto Hot Docs Festival special, including They Will Have To Kill Us First, directed by Johanna Schwartz; and The Amina Profile, directed by Sophie Deraspe.

34 Music reviews
The Iqrit Files by Checkpoint 303; and Xaos by Xaos.

35 Book reviews
The Kindness of Enemies by Leila Aboulela; S.N.U.F.F. by Victor Pelevin; and Syria Burning by Charles Glass.

36 Also out there…
PLUS: Open Window with guest cartoonist Osama Hajjaj from Jordan.

4 Letters
Professing aethism; free speech; and banking hypocrisy.

5 Letter from Bangui
Money may be in short supply, but mangos are definitely not, discovers Ruby Diamonde.

28 Country Profile: Panama

37 Making Waves
Exiled Iranian journalist Masih Alinejad is using social media to challenge Iran’s compulsory hijab law. Lucinda Homa Gray meets her.

38 And Finally
Diane Ghogomu talks to Susana Baca, the awardwinning singer-songwriter who has dedicated her life to getting recognition for her marginalized Afro-Peruvian community.




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