December 2016


The coming war on China/Tax avoidance
The coming war on China: A major US military build-up - including nuclear weapons - is underway in Asia and the Pacific with the purpose of confronting China. This is provocative and dangerous, argues John Pilger in his special report.

Tax avoidance: An in-depth and global look at how corporations and rich individuals are looting the public purse - and why governments are allowing them to get away with it. Edited by Josh Eisen and Richard Swift.


グローバルな課税逃れ:企業と裕福な個人は、いかにして公的なカネをかすめ取っているのか? 政府は、なぜ彼らを見逃しているのだろうか? ジョシュ・アイゼンとリチャード・スイフトが担当し、グローバルな状況を詳しく分析する。






Cover Story -
The coming war on China

10 The coming war on China
The US is ramping up military power in the Pacific to confront China. This is provocative and dangerous, warns John Pilger in his alarming investigation.
16 Bikini was just the beginning
John Pilger visits the Marshall Islands and its bomb survivors, still blighted by US nuclear weapons.

Special Feature - Tax avoidance
18 Tax cheating, easy living
Josh Eisen and Richard Swift tour the offshore world to find out why governments are drowning in debt.

22 The damage done
Tax avoidance is anything but a victimless crime, as Stephanie Boyd shows.

24 The dissimulation game
How to disappear your money but still manage to hold on to it.

26 Whose money is it anyway?
Dan Hind explodes the self-righteous excuses of tax cheats.

28 Fox in charge of the hen house
Tax authorities are complicit in their own undoing, writes Alain Deneault.

30 The dictionary of deceit
NI dissects the language of high finance with low motives.

32 Ending the offshore bonanza
There are ways to change the irresponsible system of tax avoidance, as Niko Block demonstrates.

Stories making the news this month
6 Freedom in sight for West Papua?
6 Slow justice in Peru
7 White cucumbers return to Palestine
7 Re-introducing Ali Bongo Ondimba
7 British parents boycott school census
8 Indians and Pakistanis forge online friendship
8 Burma’s refugees still don’t feel safe
9 Cold comfort for Roma in France
9 Black-owned banking in the US
PLUS: Scratchy Lines by cartoonist
Simon Kneebone and Reasons to be Cheerful.

Mixed media
34 Film reviews
Chi-Raq directed by Spike Lee; The Unknown Girl directed by Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne.
35 Music reviews
Out of My Own Light by Louise Bichan; Singles by Sun Ra.
36 Book reviews
Land of my Fathers by Vamba Sherif; Creating Freedom by Raoul Martinez; Advertising shits in your head by Anonymous; Rebel Crossings by Sheila Rowbotham.
PLUS Also out there...

4 Letters
PLUS Open Window, with guest cartoonist Tjeerd Royaards from The Netherlands.
5 Letter from Cochabamba
Amy Booth finds her feet - and friends - in Bolivia.
38 And Finally
Singer and musician Moby talks to Graeme Green about fame, frustration and failing systems.




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