March 2017



New Internationalist is all about people who are trying to make the world a better place. And if there is one quality that can spark change, it’s courage. So for the 500th issue of the magazine, we investigate this under-examined topic, asking: what is courage and what makes some people so brave? To help us understand, six exceptionally valiant individuals from around the world - several of whom are risking life and limb to do the right thing - tell their startling stories. Dare to be inspired.

ニュー・インターナショナリストを一言で言えば、世界をより良い場所にしようと努力している人々を取り上げる雑誌である。彼らが目指す変化を促すものは何か? 本誌は、勇気を挙げることができると考える。第500号という記念すべき号の特集として、その重要性の割には検証されることが少ないこのテーマについて探る。勇気とは何か? 何が人々を奮い立たせるのか? 今回は勇気に関する理解を深めるため、自らの生命や身体への危険を顧みずに正しい行動をとる世界の人々の中から、特に勇敢な6人の驚嘆する物語を紹介する。ぜひ刺激としてほしい。






Stories making the news this month
6 Protesters acquitted in Peru
6 Canadian teachers' union victorious
7 Women step up in Iraq
7 Introducing Ilhan Omar
7 Uniting against hate in Britain
8 Kenyan co-ops driving change
8 Progress interrupted in Burma
9 CNN shamed by Ghanaians
9 A mothers' friend in India
PLUS: Scratchy Lines by cartoonist Simon Kneebone and Reasons to be Cheerful.

The Big Story -
The Brave

10 The brave
Courage can change the world. Vanessa Baird delves into what makes some people exceptionally brave.
14 One woman against Big Oil and patriarchy
Alicia Cawiya, prepared to defy the powerful to save Ecuador's Yasuni, talks to Linda Etchart.

16 Taking on the sand mafia
Hired thugs won't stop S Mugilan. The South Indian activist talks to Sibi Arasu.

18 Everybody's target
Abdullah Al Khateeb talks to Erin Kilbride about his perilous humanitarian work in Syria.

20 Justice turns its back on us
Impunity rules in today's Honduras. Trans activist Jlo Cordoba survives assassination attempts to speak to Dina Meza.

22 The ambassador of joy
Tatiana Vivienne reaches out to vulnerable girls and women in the violence-torn Central African Republic. She talks to Louisa Waugh.

24 Dancing with fear
Rapper Luaty Beirao talks to Marc Herzog about daring to talk democracy in Angola.

28 A pretence of progress
Jeremy Seabrook is fearful for the future of the welfare state in a world of growing inequality.
PLUS Open Window, with guest cartoonist Victor Ndula from Kenya.

Mixed media
32 Film reviews
Certain Women, directed by Kelly Reichardt; Elle, directed by Paul Verhoeven; Moonlight, directed by Barry Jenkins.
33 Music reviews
El Callegueso y su Mala Mana by La Mambanegra; Luyando by Mokoomba.
34 Book reviews
Under the Almond Tree by Laura McVeigh; Position Doubtful by Kim Mahood; Radicalized by Peter R Neumann; Swallowing Mercury by Wioletta Greg.
PLUS Also out there...

36 Mark Engler
Obama's legacy falls short on organizing.
37 Steve Parry
Warning: may contain fake news.
PLUS Polyp's Big Bad World cartoon.

4 Letters
Living under a dictator in the US; dodgy consumerism.
5 Letter from Cochabamba
Amy Booth enjoys a refreshing carnival while pondering its wider implications.
26 Country Profile:Somalia
38 And Finally
Crime writer Kati Hiekkapelto talks to Jo Lateu about racism in Finland and the importance of identity.




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